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S&T Keys for 2008?
Which version of S&T Keys should I use for Streets and Trips 2008?
Marvin Hlavac
mgwerks, here's the old version: S&T Keys 2008.zip
Thanks so much!
Marvin Hlavac
You are most welcome, mgwerks. The old version differs somewhat in functionality from the new version, but still reading the manual for the new version will help to somehow familiarize with how S&T Keys works: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1282-s-t-keys-2009-hotkeys-microsoft-streets-trips-2009-a

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I appreciate the help with this. I ran the keys.exe from the 2008 file I d/l'd from the above link, and it appears an error has occurred. the hot spots appear on the screen as they should, but when zooming in fairly close I get erratic zooming. This seems to happen both in S&T and in Google Earth. It was not occurring before installing keys. Is there an on/off toggle for the app so I can verify the effect?
Marvin Hlavac
You can click on the blue/yellow square icon on the sys tray (bottom right on the screen, near the computer clock). From the menu that opens up select "Exit".

The behaviour you described may be related to some timing issue. I haven't experienced it myself, but it very likely is related to S&T Keys 2008. Unfortunately S&T Keys 2008 is no longer being developed. S&T Keys 2009 should be more stable, and if at all possible I would advise you to upgrade to Streets and Trips 2009, as it has better features.
mgwerks said:
This seems to happen both in S&T and in Google Earth. It was not occurring before installing keys.
When running Google earth and having the problem, are the onscreens S&T Keys gray transparent buttons (+/-/F4 menu) stays on screen over Google earth window,or you have the problem even when these are not onscreen when google earth is the active window (S&T is minimized or behind google earth window)?

If you want to try the 2009 version, there is a free 60 days trial. You can install this free trial without desinstalling your old 2008 version by selecting the correct option at installation. Then you may try the 2009 version of S&T Keys 2009 to see if the problem is repeatable.

My assumption is that the zooming problem is related that S&T Keys transparent gray buttons are still on screen when having the problem...

Did you verify if the problem goes away when you are closing S&T Keys from the tray menu?

What kind of computer and operating system are you using (specs)?
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