Which version of Garmin Mobile PC or nRoute do I need to buy?
After spending the last 4 days researching gps options and getting some great help from Ken & Marvin I decided to go with a Garmin 10x. What sold me on it was seeing that it interfaces with Outlook Contacts. Man, that would simplify me mapping to my clients. If they are in Outlook I could just bring them up and - voila - map to them.

So I was looking for the best price and realized there are two different model numbers. One is 010-00742-00 and 010-00579-00 is the other. I could not really tell the difference (nomenclature is still an issue as is tech specs) so I came here for help and saw the discussion on nRoute and Mobile PC.

I go back to see that one of the differences of these two is the software. It seems that the 00579 is older (?) w/ nRoute and some places show it as discontinued even though Garmin still has it on their website.

The 00742 has Mobil PC and is the one that claims to interface with Outlook. It is nowhere to be found on Garmin's website.

A few questions for the masters (nawwww)

Are there any other technical differences that I should be looking for (channels, etc)?

Would I be better off going with nRoute and loose the Outlook option?

Can you use a wifi connection to use the Garmin Online - like in a hotel or Starbucks?

Shoot! Just when I thought it was done and could get it orderd...

Ansleyg, like you I am amazed with all this and love the pictures of everyone's setup. After the hardware decision is made I will start researching the mount for Mr. Suds. Thanks for the link Marvin. I am thinking of putting the mount behind the passenger side next to the consol so that I have easy access to the front dash controls and can swivel it to the front or rear as needed.

Again, thanks in advance.
Ken in Cape Breton
The 00742 version is on Garmin's Site at: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=139&pID=13484#versionTab

00742 (010-00742-00) is Garmin Mobile PC with the GPS 10x and it works fine with Outlook 2003 or newer. It doesn't work with Outlook 2000.

As has been discussed in several threads, the choice between the two is up to you. nRoute is much more powerful but Mobile PC can be simpler to use if your navigation demands are less complex; and it is so pretty to look at...

Of course, as $150.00 buys the 010-00579-00 and another $60.00 get you 010-11018-00 Garmin Mobile® PC (software only), North America you could just get both and do whatever you want...

A few threads to read through are: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/862-whats-verdict-garmin-nroute-garmin-mobile-pc
Ken in Regina
Hi Rhonda,

Hey, just to let you know, the party's just barely beginning. Once you get an actual nav program, GPS and maps you'll be just at the very beginning of the learning curve. All the real fun is still ahead ... way ahead. :rofl"

That other Ken's suggestion is a good one. Before you go that route, though, I would suggest you, first, download the trial version of MS Streets&Trips and check out the map of your area. If it's not going to be significantly helpful for your business travels, we need to rethink what your going to get out of playing with the technology. As I said earlier, this is the same map data as comes with Mobile PC North America version and also with that Mobile 10 package that includes nroute, so you get a free opportunity with S&T to check it out before putting any money on the table.

The advantage of the approach Ken in Cape Breton suggests is that with the GPS10x/nroute/maps bundle you get the North America maps on a DVD with Mapsource. That gives you a great deal of flexibility for trip planning and also the possibility of doing other things with the maps, like loading Mobile XT on a PDA or Smartphone and using the same maps and the GPS10x with them. Then, if you want a real purty display on the laptop you can add the software-only version of Mobile PC later.

Ken in Regina
There seem to be lots of places with the garmin 010-00579-00 bundle available. Just put "garmin 010-00579-00" in your favorite search engine and you should get lots of hits, and maybe some good prices.

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