Is Haicom GPS useable outside North America?

I am wondering if anyone know if these two GPS receivers I have are hard coded to be only usable in North America?

Hiacom HI-406-BT-C

Hiacom HI-204III USB

I tried to use the HI-204III USB in China and it flopped.
They should work anywhere. In what way did it flop? Are you sure it was not related to the navigation software you were using?

Marvin Hlavac
I have not yet heard that a USB or Bluetooth GPS receiver would be "hard coded" to work only in a particular area. But quite often, when a GPS unit is transported over a long distance (shipped oversees, etc), it may take even up to 30 minutes for it to start working for the first time in the new location. The reason being is that the GPS unit still thinks it is in the old location, so it takes a while for it to realise where it really is.
I used to use an old Haicom HI-204 (that I ditched because the vibrations of the car eventually made my laptop's USB port flaky) that has a memory that lets it get a fix faster, and indeed, whenever I moved it far enough without using it, it would take forever to get a new fix. Nowhere near 30 minutes though, more like 5.

However, I recently bought a cheap Bluetooth GPS receiver that got a fix almost instantly when I first powered it, out of its box, and through a restaurant window no less. Maybe Haicom isn't such a good brand then? I know I've never been too impressed with mine, as far as sensitivity is concerned, but then it's quite old.
Hiacom HI-204III USB was not able to get a fix in China (red LED on, but no GPS signal showing) after 30 min.

So maybe that one is a dud... the BT ones, I don't know.

Most of the standalone GPS units limit where you can use it to, e.g. USA only, or USA and Canada, etc.

Thanks everyone.
The software limits where you can use it due to the maps provided. I can't think of why (or how ) this would apply to the GPS hardware.

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