ASUS R50A - an Ultra Mobile PC with a built-in GPS receiver
Marvin Hlavac

ASUS announced its R50A Ultra-Mobile PC with a built-in GPS receiver. I don't see specifications for the unit anywhere, but the following is at least some info from the marketing material:

The R50A is the first UMPC that reaches the full potential of the platform. Only with the R50A do users get GPS, a webcam, 3G/ 3.5G connectivity, and full notebook functionality, making the R50A the one indispensable gadget for everyone.

Intuitive Navigation
The R50As customizable, mission-based application launcher organizes software programs into categories and makes navigating between tasks simple.

Enjoy Anywhere
The units built-in TV tuner allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows anywhere.

Connesct Anywhere
The R50A will offer 3/ 3.5G connectivity. Users have full access to their data anywhere.

Capture and Communicate Anywhere
The R50As built-in webcam and microphone let users capture photos, video and audio wherever they are, and enable wire-free video communication.

Create Anywhere
The R50A has ample power to support the most popular office and productivity applications. With ASUS InfoPen software, users can record and edit on the R50As 1024 x 600 screen as easily as they could on a piece of paper.

Find Your Way Anywhere
ASUS brings you the first UMPC with built-in GPS. Users no longer need to deal with paper maps or ask for directions. Link up seamlessly to Google Maps, and the R50A will know your exact location.

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