Samsung UbiSync7 Monitor
I just got this Displaylink 7" 800x480 monitor to try with a CarPC. Setup is easy and my Atom dual core is quite fast enough to run it. I actually tested it with my Asus r2h UMPC (Celeron 900) as well with minor difficulties.

Quite bright (brighter than the UMPC)

only requires 2 USB ports to connect. It comes with a USB cable with dual USB plugs on one end (requires more than 500mA) and a mini USB on the other. No separate power cord needed.
Small and light and generates no heat.

Minimal controls - power and brightness touch buttons

No display until Windows is running. If you were to use this a standalone monitor, this can cause serious problems as you will not know exactly what is going on in many situations.

The display is not scalable. It is fixed at 800x480.

No touch screen.

Mounting may pose some issues because of the built-in stand.

Cord is quite short. I have since tested with a standard 4' single USB to mini cord and it appears to work fine with the Atom.

Not available as a separate product at the moment. It comes with a 22" lcd monitor which my wife loves. My personal opinion is it sucks. Contrast is poor and display looks washed out. A typical low end monitor.I paid less for the 2 than a car pc monitor though.

I have included a photo of it running Mobile PC in mirror mode attached to the UMPC for general reference.

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Marvin Hlavac
Are you planning on mounting it in your vehicle? If yes, how? A windshield suction cup mount would be nice!
The size (almost as large as the UMPC) does not lend itself to placing on the windsheild. I have a location at mid dash that works fairly well for the UMPC as far as distance and visibilty goes. I will probably try the monitor there. I still have to determine exactly where to place the computer and do some temporary wiring layouts for testing. The weather has not been conducive to working at the truck as it is outside so this will proceed slowly.

I have a couple of screenshots of the Ubi running Mobile PC and nRoute on the Atom.

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atom-ubi.jpg   nroute-ubi.jpg  
For those of you with lots of space for your CarPC monitor. Samsung has announced UbiSync 19" and 22" monitors that require only a USB connection.


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