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Toggle for Navigation vs. Planning Mode
People with experience with other navigation software have noted that other products, like the iGuidance / iNav line, are far better for actual, in car navigation use.

Streets and Trips, on the other hand, are far better at giving finer detail, for planning trips, etc.

It would be extremely simple to devise a software "toggle" that:

A) Provide an interface optimized for "in car" navigation use

A.1) iGuidance does this with a special, larger screen
(that support touchscreens) for netbooks.

B) Provide the traditional S&T interface

Want to get real fancy?

Have an interface that is optimized for "walking around use" on small screen handhelds with or without touchscreens.
Garmin and others make so many various dedicated models to meet those needs. There is no way that software on an o/s could compete effectively. XT on a PDA or Palm can do some of it though.

Marvin Hlavac
Streets & Trips with an optional navigation mode that would resemble Garmin Mobile PC, or iGuidance, or any PND on the market today -- this has been a dream of mine ever since I started to use Streets & Trips.

Also I think this could be accomplished easily. We are not talking about adding new features to the program (well, perhaps we are). We are just asking for an optional completely new GUI that users could chose to turn on.

Streets & Trips is a very powerful trip planning software. It also is an extremely good GPS navigation software as it, but some users would prefer a simpler GUI while navigating - and some people love it just the way it is even while navigating. An optional PND-style GUI could make more users happy.
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