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What happened to the Back and Foward arrows?
The infernal Find Nearby Places in 2009 Streets & Trips has a nasty habit of ignoring the point I have carefully placed on the map and looking along Entire Route as well as flipping to some other map location. When your route is coast to coast that is time-consuming and very irritating. (Sometimes it will settle for Selected Driving Instruction - not much better when it's a thousand+ miles of I-40.) You used to be able to Cancel and then hit the Back arrow to get to the map view you had selected, change Entire Route to Point and highlight the point you want. Now you have to wait for MS S&T to find all those categories along the Entire Route, then change Entire Route to Point, then get the map view back to what you originally had and then search. When you go to Find Nearby Places, why doesn't it default to your last select (like Point)?
Evidently the writers don't use this software much...
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