Garmin USB GPS18 - Cheap or not?
It is slightly pricey. But wait.
I have bought from the Canadian Garmin dealer a GPS18 usb gps unit plus their N Am 2008 & 2009 CNNA at a total of US$68 (tax shipping included)
Garmin does, out of the blue, provide a driver for this GPS work for reg NMEA (non Garmin) protocol like S&T and iGuidance. Both (plus iGuidance Europe) are now working in my Aspire One . The Garmin driver can be obtained from their site . Kind of difficult to locate initially. But it is at :


That I would consider a good deal as the USB GPS unit is no more than $10 apiece.

And Garmin's 2009 is every bit a very detailed map

I had that gps unit that came with my S&T05. I junked that . The Garmin 18 usb gps unit is definitely better. It just feels like not as fast as my BT or SirfIII gps though

Daniel, Toronto
I think the GPS 18 is pre SirfStar III. It may be an in-house Garmin design. They went with the SSIII in the 18x as far as I know. the GPS18 is a fine receiver in normal circumstances though. I used it and the Bluetooth equivalent GPS10 for quite a a while. They are both waterproof and magnetic so can be mounted on the hood or roof.

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