Is Microsoft Streets and Trips USB GPS receiver compatible with iGuidance 4.0?
Will my Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 USB GPS receiver work with iNav iGuidance 4.0? Is it a real pain to make it compatible? I'm not very computer literate, but I'm learning.


Marvin Hlavac
Yes, it will work just fine. Any USB GPS receiver ever included with any version of Microsoft Streets and Trips will work with iNav iGuidance, and also with most other programs. Even non-Microsoft GPS receivers, which work with S&T, will work with iG. There is no need to buy a new receiver if you have a receiver you are happy with.

The one included w/S&T 2007 was GPS-500 made by Pharos. It is based on the great SiRFstarIII chipset. It is the same unit which is still being included with S&T 08. It was for the first time included in some of the last shipments of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 in the second half of 2006.

I bet there are many iG users using just the same GPS receiver that you have from the S&T 07 bundle .
Thanks for quick reply! Now if I just get picked in the drawing so I can try it out. We are going to wait to buy s&t 2008 We won't be leaving South Texas till the weather warms. Thanks again GREG
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