How to view Garmin Mobile PC maps in Mapsource
Ken in Regina
For this simple trick to work you require Garmin's Trip & Waypoint Manager, pretty much any version starting from at least v2.

This instruction will work for v3 and v4 and probably v5.

Trip & Waypoint Manager installs itself into Mapsource as a world-wide basemap. The trick is to replace the T&W map file with the Mobile PC map file. I'll use v4 of T&W as the example.

T&W v4 installs the map files by default in \Garmin\TRIPWPT4. The file is named TRIPWPT4.IMG

- Rename TRIPWPT4.IMG to tripwpt4.old

- Copy GMAPPROM.IMG from the Garmin Mobile PC home directory (usually in \Program Files\Garmin\GarminMobilePC) into the \Garmin\TRIPWPT4 folder

- In the T&W map folder rename GMAPPROM.IMG to TRIPWPT4.IMG

- In Mapsource in the map selection dropdown menu you can select Trip & Waypoint Manager v4 and now you can view the maps from Mobile PC.

There is one wierdness you will experience with this trick. In Mapsource you will only see one map segment at a time displayed. It's a little strange but it's workable if you need to be able to view the map in Mapsource.

Another problem is that Find doesn't work.

If you want to view a place in a map segment that's not showing, switch to another map from the map selection dropdown, use Find to locate a city name nearest where you want to view, select it, then switch back to the Trip&Waypoint Manager v4 map to view it. After awhile you'll probably be able to use the Find/Recent Finds list to quickly jump to places you normally view without having to switch maps and use Find/Cities.

There may be other wierd things. I've only messed with this for just a few minutes to see if it would work. If you discover other issues please report them here so others will know. Same thing if you find interesting workarounds for problems found.

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