New version of MapSource 6.15.3
Hi dear soft`s testers....

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MapSource software version 6.15.3

as of January 15, 2009
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  • WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product.
  • This version of MapSource no longer supports Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows NT.
  • Works with Windows Vista.
Change History

Changes made from version 6.14.1 to 6.15.3:
  • Fixed an issue where blank map tiles are left on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with redrawing the map after a detail level change.
  • Enhanced the drawing of roads to better distinguish primary from secondary roads.
  • Added the ability to adjust symbol size of icons.
  • Fixed the display of spot soundings in Marine maps.
  • Fixed an issue with areas getting highlighted inadvertently.
  • Fixed 'Move Waypoint', 'Insert Route Section', and 'Extend Route' capabilities from right-click context menus.
  • Fixed an issue with water regions getting clipped.
  • Limited 'Nearest Features' to only displayed maps.
  • Fixed overlapping copyright information for certain maps.
  • Fixed the display of certain Marine icons in the 'Find Nearest Places' dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with improper amenities getting displayed for 'Exit Properties'
  • Modified the color used for bathymetric lines.
  • Enhanced the look of dashed and dotted lines.
  • Enhanced sizes of certain labels.
  • Enhanced the look of road shield icons.
  • Fixed an issue when using certain find operations.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the font would result in no labels being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with using the Roads & Rec 2.1 Hawaii and Alaska product
Hope it`s really works fine.

Thanks for the update Jucabras. This version seems to draw and redraw faster than the previous one. However, Garmin still has not resolved the 'Transfer to Device' and Mobile PC.

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Hi Terry...sorry also to check this still divorce between Garmin Mobile PC...and the New Version of MS...
At this moment really don`t understand if it`s MS bug or GMPc error...

Another thing I`ve noticed is in wpts propertiies...there`s a new possibility to display a thumbnail of a image instead of an icon...But between one and another play of the MS.. doesn´t appears the image and all icons are changed... really bad.

IN the morning I`ll try to send something to Garmin support asking for some cure...

Best wishes... Jucabras
Snowman posted a solution for 6.14.1 in this thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1014-mapsource-mobile-pc-error
and suggested the problem was an error in where MapSource expected to save the file. Since Garmin was already aware there was a problem (and the solution looks straight forward) I thought they would have resolved it.

I`ve read what Snowman posted and really frightens me to do it
Other suggestions are to erase all registries and install all Garmin softs on C:\Garmin directory...
My brain says ... GO!!!!...my heart says DON`T....
If doing all these things & still could not tranfer to Garmin Mobile PC...its too much to loose for too litle to win...
I`m going on holidays in about 3 weeks...I`ll try on my desktop pc before doing changes on my touch screen laptop...or continue with Mapsource 6.13.7 for ever....!!!

Since october 2008, Garmin makes me feel I`m an "Oldie"...

Ill make a footprint saying:"Jucabras.Dinosaurious working GMPc and MS V.6.13.7...till death".It sounds horrible!!!!

Marvin Hlavac
That doesn't sound that horrible . Garmin not fixing this little oversight sounds worse .

Jucabras, thanks for letting us know new version Garmin MapSource was out.
I guess Garmin didn't hear us asking for a solution to this problem. Time to send them an email again. In the meantime, I just run 2 (or more) versions of MapSource per Ken in Regina.

Ken in Cape Breton
Originally Posted by tcassidy
I guess Garmin didn't hear us asking for a solution to this problem. Time to send them an email again. In the meantime, I just run 2 (or more) versions of MapSource per Ken in Regina.

I'm also running two versions by following Ken's suggestion and the're working just fine. I like the speed of the older one and the somewhat prettier graphics of the newer.
Trying to get new Version of Mapsource to work and after reading Snowman post... I`ve decided to jump...
Understood that the error is that Mapsource doesn´t find where to write on GMPC directory the new "gmapsupp.img" file...so let`s do some alquimia.Reinstall everything...

GMPc installed in : C:\GarminMobilePC\Que.exe
Mapsource 6.15.3 in : C:\Garmin\MapSource.exe

The GarminDevice.xml file to edit was supposed to be at :
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\ Application Data\Garmin\Devices\Garmin Mobile PC\GarminDevice.xml

***Mine was on a diferent subfolder:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Datos de programa\Garmin\Devices\Garmin Mobile PC\GarminDevice.xml
Decided to go on and edit as sugested deletting “:” on the three indicated locations….

I`ve forgotten to create a “C” folder inside. But It appears done by itself... o maybe be magic....!!!

junction "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Datos de programa\Garmin\Devices\Garmin Mobile PC\C\GarminMobilePC" "C:\GarminMobilePC"

Start MS and tried to transfer maps to GMPC.... everithing went OK and seemed there were no error.Run GMPC and there were no detailes maps...(With V. 6.13.7 worked fast and fine)

And the gmapsupp.img file goes to:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Datos de programa\Garmin\Devices\Garmin Mobile PC\C\GarminMobilePC

Don`t want to bother nor to receive spetial treatment... only to let you Know i`ve tried... and wait for any new version or patch from Garmin (to whom I`ve just inquired for a solution).

So Dear Friends, Have a nice week end; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... I could not promise about my menthal health in the future days... JIjijiii

I love Garmin... it`s makes me feel madness alive!!!!

Ken in Regina
Yes, having Garmin equipment is so much fun if you sometimes like to feel you are a lunatic!!

More about GMPC & Mapsource...
After sending a few lines to Garmin Support telling about the issue in transferring maps,wpts,track & routes from the latter to the first... I`ve received this:
"Dear Juan Carlos Brasesco,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

6.14.1 was a beta version that was extended past the expiration date and it had stability issues. 6.15.3 is the first true release version since 6.13.7. The function you are wanting isn't available in the new version and with the new versions being so different from the older ones, I imagine most of the efforts will be in making existing functionality better."

If you see on your monitors something like rain drops...believe that are Jucabras`s tears...Don`t know how many registered user`s of GMPc & MS are worldwide...I think we are many many...

About following Snowman guidance to make this possible... I now trasfer all the files from GMPc folder to the new one containing the gmapsupp.img and could do MS transfer maps to GMPc.But still doesn`t work on transferring wpts,routes or tracks.

Many thanks to all...
Sincerily... Jucabras
Sounds like a typical non answer to me. I think they don't know what you are talking about and are just winging it. If it can transfer items to Nuvi devices and cards, there is no reason it shouldn't work with Mobile PC. As others have pointed out, just transfer your waypoints and routes to a listed SD card and copy to the Mobile PC directory.

I tested it with a sample waypoint with my Nuvi 200c and it worked fine. They're just blowing smoke!!

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transfer maps to memory stick then from memory stick transfer in garmin pc mobile folder and voila
To all...transferring maps from Mapsource to GMPc it`s not an everyday work.Could use memmory stick,usb thumb drive,usb pendrive,memmory card reader; also it worked Snowman "bypass" folder.
What didn`t work and it is more frecquently used is transferring wpts and routes...and this couldn`t be done.
So... I like the new good looking interfase,the possibilitty to add images to wpts... but preferr the functionalitty of the Great and Old V 6.13.7...
I`m tired of complaining and asking the official support give a solution... they won`t ... because they don`t want to...!!!

Best wishes fron Jucabras:rofl"
Unfortunately, you are right. The modification Snowman provided only deals with maps, not new waypoints and routes. If you transfer them to a storage card, you will see 2 folders created with a file in each. The userdata.gpx file in the GPX folder would have the waypoint and route information.

I know that GMPC stores the current.gpx in C:\Documents and Settings\<your name>\ Application Data\GARMIN\GarminMobilePC\gpx and the saved routes and active waypoints in NVM files one folder up. But I don't know how Garmin takes the additions and appends them to the existing records.
I will try to compare how it works with the Nuvi using the same card.

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