Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.60 can't read Chinese China Map
Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.60 just can work with English China Map, but my Symbian phone E60 Garmin Mobile XT 5.00.20TW has Chinese China Map in it, these two Garmin are not compatible GPX and POI.

The warning occur in Chinese China Map:
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Marvin Hlavac

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Did you experience the same problem with earlier versions of Garmin Mobile PC, too, or is this a new issue that appeared in version 5.00.60?
I've tried 5.00.10,5.00.50,5.00.60,all of Mobile PC has same issue.
Some people mentioned download China.gtt into Text folder, but it doesn't work for Mobile PC.
Waiting for the answer...
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by JETTAGiX
Waiting for the answer...
I think the only answer is that the two maps are not compatible. I don't know if Garmin has added the Chinese character set for Mobile PC. If the Chinese character set works in Mobile XT I would expect it to work in Mobile XT.

Did you make sure the Chinese text file was the same one used in Mobile XT and also in the same folder?

Have you tried sending email to Garmin technical support?

Symbian Mobile XT has folder "Font", Chinese.ttf file in it.
Mobile PC has folder "Text", has not Chinese or China gtt file.
I put the China.gtt from Nuvi , it does not work.

I asked Unistrong the agent of Garmin in China, the answer is Mobile PC just support English map right now.

Maybe somebody has solution to fix this issue.

Thanks your attention.
Marvin Hlavac
I hope someone will reply with a solution, but in the mean time, as Ken already mentioned, you may try to contact Garmin Technical Support, and suggest to them that they add this functionality to future versions of Garmin Mobile PC.
Yes , I got the exactly same error with you...

Did Garmin Mobile PC got a Chinese version? Where to find?

If not, I may use the Papago for my Chinese Taiwan map for my coming TW trip. (I bought original, about US$10.)

Thank all

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