What is the best action to take when you reach a road closed sign
Marvin Hlavac
There are at least 5 different ways to approach such situation:

1. If I'm familiar with the area, and if know an alternative way, then I just ignore the GPS, and I drive the way I want. Eventually the GPS program will catch up with you, because the new Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 automatically calculates a new route whenever it notices you are a certain distance from the plotted route. You may press the F7 keyboard shortcut to mute Streets & Trips temporarily, to avoid listening to the instructions you don't wish to follow . (Press F7 again to un-mute.);

2. You could adjust the zoom a bit to see the surrounding roads better. If you see what appears to be a possible alternative route, you could just start driving that way. Keep an eye on Streets and Trips as it starts suggesting you alternative routes;

3. You could add stops to your route to force Streets & Trips to take you via a certain area, or avoid a certain area.

4. You could click-and-drag a route segment to a different road, as depicted on the two screenshots above. (By the way, the two pictures are from the Help file in Streets & Trips. Do check the Help, there is a wealth of information there waiting for you.)

5. My most favorite tool to modify a route is the Avoid Area feature. Click the "Select" button, and then with your mouse draw a rectangle on the map, covering the area you wish to avoid. This is a very powerful feature, which allows for a convenient and very fast route modification. You may create avoid area rectangles of different shapes and sizes, and you may use one or several of them, to modify a route to your liking.
When you block off an area - make sure it is large enough to see, or don't reuse that map B-) I've had some routes get "odd" because I'd forgotten an "avoid area" rectangle from a previous trip.
Marvin Hlavac
Good point, Pyotr. The default light yellow color of the avoid area easily blends with the map, and it can be overlooked. It is possible to change the color of the avoid area rectangles: 1. Click an avoid area rectangle to select it, 2. Select a Fill color on the Drawing toolbar.
"What is the best action to take when you reach a road closed sign"

I would think ... Stop, and go around. Sorry just had to.
Marvin Hlavac
LOL, the title is not the best, I know. My only defense is that it was written three years ago.
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