Which map software can import addresses from Excel?
I am in need of some map software in which I can import a list of adresses from an Excel file. I have tried Google Earth which required me to convert the XLS file to a comma separated, which I did, however this didn't work. AutoRoute is out of date so another form of software is needed?

I am in the UK and this is where the map is required.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.


Marvin Hlavac
Hi James, and welcome to the forums! The two mapping software products that first come to mind are Microsoft AutoRoute 2007 or Microsoft MapPoint 2009 Europe. Both can import list of addresses from Microsoft Excel, and other file formats.
Hi Marvin.

Thanks for the reply. I have AutoRoute however it is out of date and causing some problems so we are leaning towards a different product. I have downloaded MapPoint this afternoon however when I download the free trial for Europe it ends up being the North American version! It seems that the full version isn't out until Jan 09 (presumably later in the month) perhaps this is why?

Are there any others that you know of? Sorry to be a pain...
Ken in Regina
... I have tried Google Earth which required me to convert the XLS file to a comma separated, which I did, however this didn't work.
Hi James,

Can you be more specific about what didn't work? I just tried it, out of curiosity. I followed the instructions in the Google Earth User Guide for importing addresses.

It worked like a charm. The only problem I ran into was that it couldn't geocode (find locations for) 8 of the 34 addresses I had in the list. That's no surprise. The online batch geocode site I have tried previously couldn't find at least a dozen. And MS Streets&Trips 2008 couldn't find nearly half of them.

The UK is one of the countries that is supported in street address importing, so if you could be more specific about the difficulty you had perhaps I can help you get that working.

In case this might help, I've attached a sample spreadsheet that works. Just make sure yours looks like this and save it as "CSV (comma delimited)(*.csv)". Then open it in Google Earth (use File/Open) and follow the import wizard through the import steps.

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Well as far as I could make out you can do it with the standard Google Earth (free version), not that buying software is an issue.

When I tried to import a CSV file by going to file-open-then selecting my file it opened the file up in Excel and the wizard that the help shows did not appear. I even tried it with the sample CSV file Google provide, as I thought it may be a problem with the CSV file I converted, but still the file just opened but no wizard, no import...

I'm going to download the free trial for Google Earth Pro and see if I have more luck with that.
Marvin Hlavac
James, MapPoint 2009 was actually already available, at least to MSDN subscribers, as far as I know, but there was an issue discovered in the European version, which is now being fixed, so the product was pulled temporarily. I'm guessing that MapPoint 2009 Europe could become available again any day now.
Ken in Regina
Hi James,

I forgot that there might be an issue with the standard version of Google Earth. I have Google Earth Plus. I paid for it for a year because I wanted to try it out with a GPS connected to it and see how well it worked. I don't have a standard version to test with.

Perhaps someone who has a standard version of Google Earth could download the spreadsheet I attached in the previous message and try it out. According to the online user manual it should work in the standard version.


I have downloaded the trial Google Earth Pro and have been able to import a portion of my list - some are not coming in but I'm sure I can figure out what it is that's causing that (hopefully).

If you are able to import through Google Earth, the free version that's great so anyone who knows how or why it wont be working for me please let me know what I can do.

Thanks for all the help so far... About