Getting Streets & Trips to Recognize Internal GPS Receiver
Hello All,

Newbie here. Just got my Lenovo X200T laptop. It has an internal GPS receiver and uses Thinkvantage GPS 2.11.

I'm trying to get it to work with S&T...but S&T won't recognize the receiver. The Thinkvantage software says it's on COM5 when in use...S&T does not even recognize COM5 as a port when the Thinkvantage software is running and the GPS is on. When I turn off the Thinkvantage GPS, S&T sees COM5 but says there is not active receiver on any port.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I'd love to get it working and start taking it with me for showings (real estate agent.)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Problem Solved!

Had to go into the device manager...change the Bits per second to 4800...and changed to COM8 for the port. Then I turned on the Thinkvantage GPS, hit start (it initializes but does not acquire satellites) then opened S&T. From there, I hit scan again on the GPS Configuration menu...and it recognized the receiver on port COM5.

Not sure if that's the best solution...but it works.

Ken in Regina
It was probably the speed setting that did it. S&T is quite particular about what speed it will work with.

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