iGuidance 4.1 on UMPC doesn't aquire GPS signal after a plane trip
I recently travelled from Canada to the US Southwest (by plane). iGuidance 4.1 works fine on my UMPC here in Ontario, but was unable to figure out where I was in the US when I fired it up.

I confirmed as soon as I returned home that the program and GPS are both working fine, and the GPS worked with my old TomTom app on my PDA while in the US. (always have a backup plan!)

I tried changing the region and found my hotel in the US, then started the GPS, which had a lock in seconds, but iGuidance still refused to recognize that I wasn't at home in Ontario. As this app is brand-new to me (bought it in December) I have no idea why this occurred? Anyone offer any ideas?

P.S. I have the North American version, which claims to work in both Canada and the continental US. Thanks in advance to any who can help figure this out.
The GPS could take quite a while to update its information as you moved it a fair distance. If you alowed for that and iGuidance was still wrong, then it couldn't see your GPS. Check to ensure iGuidance truly sees satellite information from the GPS. The quickest way is clicking on the satellite icon.

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Marvin Hlavac
When you say "it couldn't figure out where I was", do you mean you see no green arrow on the map showing your correct location, or you just mean that when you want to enter your destination in the US, iGuidance still shows you Ontario address options?

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