Software for fbl format (Egypt)
Hi it is the first time for me here, really it is a very good forum.

I am from Egypt where the GPS is not legal so maps for Garmin are very few and not good, the only available map in fbl format working on nokia n95, so what is the software that run in on laptop?

Thanks a lot
Marvin Hlavac
Hi ehabbadr,

Are there really no Garmin-compatible maps available for your country? Garmin may not sell them, but there are quite a few places on the Internet where free map data, compatible with Garmin products, is available. Such map data could then be used within Garmin Mobile PC, a fine navigation software you could use on your laptop.
Hi Ehab,

Same problem, no maps for Egypt.
The only solution you can use for now is google earth

Garmin Mobile Pc and nRoute are good but with no maps for Egypt
Ken in Regina
There might be some useful information here:

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the links

Marvin Hlavac
Ehab, Ahmed, and anyone else in Egypt who may happen to read this, I'm happy for all of you today. Congratulations on the wise decision of The Egyptian National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to lift ban on GPS in Egypt:

NTRA Executive Director Dr. Amr Badawy said the decisions allow the import of cars equipped with GPS and navigation programs. NTRA, he added, informed the Customs Authority to act accordingly.

The new rules also permit the import of GPS-enabled mobile phones, computers and other devices with civilian applications provided that NTRA authorizes the type of machines based on its criteria and procedures.

Marvin Hlavac
'With the recent announcement that the Egyptian government has lifted its ban on GPS mobile phones and navigation systems, we expect to see rapid growth in demand for navigation and LBS solutions,' stated Frank Pauli, Vice President EMEA Map and Content Products, Navteq. 'The availability of an Intermediate Map for Egypt will deliver a significant competitive advantage to Navteq customers as it allows easy and fast integration with a variety of applications and solutions.'
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