Google Maps With GPS Tracker
If you have mobile broadband or 3g Internet service for your laptop this program will show your position on a Google map.
I think its shareware but I didn't see for how long.
Tested it at home, I was not moving.
Sorry if this has already been posted, I did a search here and didn't see it.
file name:
Marvin Hlavac
Interesting. Have you had a chance to take it on the road, too (or do you plan to)?
Mandolin Guy
The phone services have been touting their high-speed connections but you also need to read the fine print. Most (including Verizon) have a point at which they say they will take steps to limit your downloads. Verizon's is 5 gigs. I know 5 gigs sounds like a lot but when you start downloading maps, it can add up quickly. About