Multi-stop routing problem in Microsoft Streets and Trips
I have been trying to work with S&T and I have a headache!

I have 2009 with the GPS

I get a route that changes daily of 40 to 60 stops from my employer in a zip code. I export from their software to .cvs format into excell...import into S&T. I set the pushpins to stops and try to optimize the route. It does it but it is not really optimized. If on one street I may have 5 stop, it takes me to one and then it takes me to another street and then backto pick up the other 2 stops and then to another street before coming back to get the last 2. All five stops are within 200 to 500 yards on the same street. Sometimes the gps rout guidence does not know the name of the major street and it calls it a local road.

If I go past the house, the software now tries to take me to the next stop instead of allowing me to 'go Back' on route.

I have been trying to work with this for 3 days and I am 124 stops behind as a 4 hour trip is taking me 2 days! Mannually through map quest I spent more time at night setting up the rouute but less time on the road and I got the job done! Can you help?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi vpovio,

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Hmm, I'm not sure what to suggest. I think Streets & Trips is, generally speaking, quite good at route optimization. But in your particular situation, especially if you are entering several destinations close to each other, and even on the same street, I think you indeed can experience problems.

Perhaps you can try the following:

1. Enter all addresses
2. Optimize
3. Manually correct what you think are errors by moving stops up or down in Route Planner
4. Turn off automatic route recalculation
Ok I have solved some of my problems with bringing a 'clean' .cvs address file from another program into S&T. I learned that the clean up in excel is correcting most of my problems. who would have thought "garbage in ...garbage out" really had meaning!

But.. I schedule 30 to 40 stops in one zip code about 3 square miles. If my stop is 4287 NW 17th Street and I go by the house by 2 houses,,,S & T is already routing me to the next address. I go back and then I am 'off route" too much work to get back on route. Simple U turn does not get the system back to the original route as it jumps to the next instruction on the list and again I get "off route".. Maybe we need a 'pause button' so I can stay at that stop for what ever time I need turn the vehicle around and click the 'pause or resume' button. What am I doing incorrect??

How can I add a length of time to all my stops at once so I know how long the total route will take. Say I determine my average time at each stop is 6 minutes. Without adding one at a time I would like to globally add 3 or 4 or 6 minutes to all stops at once. Can this be done?

Thanks for your response.

Marvin Hlavac
1. I would turn off the automatic route recalculation feature, if I were you. You can use the F3-key to force route recalculation, if and when needed.

2. Some of the functions of S&T Keys can benefit you

3. I'm afraid the current version of Streets & Trips 2009 (and older) cannot set the duration of stops globally. You would have to do it individually for every one of your stops.

Figured out another problem...I will turn off auto recal route and let you know.

As driving if not looking at map I miss stop as I am used to the F150 beeping when I reached the street. Actually it beeps once when I am about 50 yards away, then again twice at the turn location. Does or can S&T beep or have any sound simulation for turns? I do have vocal turn list on but it does not 'remind' me at the actual turn location.


Marvin Hlavac
Check the features of S&T Keys. There you may find a way to enable beeps for turns in Streets & Trips, I think.
Vpovio said:
If I go past the house, the software now tries to take me to the next stop instead of allowing me to 'go Back' on route.
It is very important to turn off S&T option to auto-calculate route. If you have a lot of waypoints (stops) very near and you miss one, auto recalculation can make you jump to the next one or not necessary the one you want. Without this option, as Marvin explained, you would have to press F3 to recalculate a new route only if needed. So if you go off route, you can simply drive back to your expected waypoint (stop) if it is very near and your route won't be changed. One other important detail when using F3 for route recalculation, is that you can never be sure what would be the next waypoint when they are many that are very near. One way to avoid bad route recalculation is to delete each waypoint already seen as you go to the next.

You can use S&T Keys 2009 to achieve this function (using Del key, see 1.1 in forum documentation) of deleting previous waypoint as you are going to the next if needed. S&T Keys also in the option panel can configure three different turn beep sound (see 2.1.5 in forum documentation) you will hear when you miss a turn. See my signature for S&T Keys links...
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