Laptop GPS Maps / Software for South East Asia?
Now I'm using Deluo USB GPS with Google Earth Free and GooPs. I bought this hardware with Microsoft Street Trips 2008, but so sad the software cannot be used at my place (Malaysia).

Anybody can give an idea what maps/software I can use with my GPS at my place without using internet line?
Ken in Regina
If you are interested in doing some hard work and are able to do something technically you can go over to the Garmin Mobile PC section of this forum and find something.

There is a program called Mapsource by Garmin that can be installed and used to view Garmin-compatible maps that you can get at places like Some are free, some are not.

Mapsource does not do navigation but lets you load maps onto your PC and view them. There is another Garmin program called "nroute" that will navigate using maps that you have loaded in Mapsource.

nroute is a free download and all you need to have is Mapsource installed.

There is a way you can legally install Mapsource from Garmin but it is not simple to do if you are not technical. If you are interested, there is a discussion how to do it in the Garmin Mobile PC section on this forum. There is also information at Malsingmaps how to use Garmin-compatible maps with your GPS. There are many maps at Malsingmaps and other places that are free for south-east Asia.

Ken in Regina
If you are interested, here is the discussion about how to get Mapsource installed from Garmin's site.

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