Is 256 MB Laptop sufficient for GPS software?
I am new and a bit of a semtard when it comes to these things
I have a IBM Think pad a P-3 and 256Mb. I want to do some GPS recording on a snowmobile, not alot but as much as possible. I have Mapsource TOPO. with a Garmin GPS SCX76. Is this laptop good enough to work with?
Thanks for any opinions, or facts!!!
Ken in Regina
Download Garmin's nroute program and give it a try. It will work with your Mapsource TOPO and it should work with your GPS receiver.

It's free and and if you are comfortable with Mapsource you will find it easy to use because it uses almost exactly the same interface. It will use any maps that are installed in Mapsource.

If you are interested in saving your tracks for the snowmobile trails, you can save the track files in nroute and load them in Mapsource to view. Mapsource also has some excellent tools to work with tracks (right-click on the toolbar line and turn on the "Track Edit" tools).

EDIT: You didn't say if you already are using Mapsource and TOPO on that laptop. If you are and Mapsource seems to work okay for you, nroute should work okay, too. If you don't already have Mapsource loaded on it I can't say if it will have enough power to do the job or not. It's pretty questionable for what you want to do.

Doesn't the 76CSx already record tracks? 256 meg is a pretty tight for Windows XP. If the laptop is running Windows 98, you might be ok.

Ken in Regina
Ooops, thanks for decrypting the GPS model, Terry. I missed that completely. Of course it's most likely that the original poster wants to use the 76CSx on the sled to record his tracks, not the laptop. That's a truly fine handheld receiver to do that with.

So we need to know what sleditis wants to do with the laptop. Does he want to use it to load TOPO onto the 76CSx or does he want to use it to upload the tracks from the 76CSx and view them on the bigger screen of the laptop. Mapsource will do both of those.

And we need to know if he already has a version of Mapsource installed and working on the laptop.

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