Nautical navigation: Garmin nRoute vs. Garmin Mobile PC
Ken in Regina
Good points about workarounds, Ken. Because that's what these are.

As you said, Mobile PC (and nRoute) are not very complicated if you use them they way they were designed. It's only when you start pushing the limits, or beyond, that they start to get really hairy. As you mentioned, in this thread we have been trying to take multiple products way beyond what they were originally intended for and then make it all work together.

You have to expect a bit of complication in such a situation.

You mentioned the complication of using multiple map products with Mobile PC. The thing that has to be pointed out about that is that you can.

I'm not aware of any other manufacturer besides Garmin who makes that much flexibility available. You get whatever maps come with the product and that's all she wrote. You don't have options about starting with North America roadmaps, adding Europe, adding Arizona/New Mexico topos with someone's ATV trails overlaid and etc.

Along with flexibility comes complexity. And a learning curve.

But resophil is right that what we are doing in this particular thread is not for the faint of heart.

It's okay ... it's threads like this that keep things interesting after you've answered "How do I get my BU-353 working with... whatever?" for the umpteenth time.

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