Ram pod III weight capacity
Hello from Austria,

So far I am using for my Garmin Oregon 400t a Ram Mount and I am completely satisfied!

Now I would like to install my ham radio with a ram mount in our cars (Citroen Berlingo and Toyota Yaris) as I could not find a satisfying solution elsewhere. A solution without the need for drilling wholes is highly preferred so I am interested in the the RAM-316-3-TW1.

The ham radio weighs about 2.6 lbs which is about 1.6 kg. I believe that the Ram pod is able to handle this weight as it is designed for laptops and they weigh more than that. but to be sure, the German dealer has to order that extra, I would like to know if the Ram pod III can safely handle this weight.

Furthermore it would like to know if the RAM flex arm rods are available in different lengths or if there exists just one delivery unit (which is so in my understanding).

Sorry for asking in this group for help for a ham radio mounting...

tnx vy much and best greetings
gerhard, oe3bga
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Gerhad (OE3BGA),

It's nice to see another HAM here at Laptop GPS World. I've myself spent the best years of my life (some 20 years ago) operating under various OK3 call signs (that would now be OM). I've even briefly went on the air once as /OE from your homeland. Now I'm licensed as VE3VEE, but I have no space for any serious antennas, and I haven't been much active from this part of the world at all.

But to your questions... I agree with your assumption that since the mount has been designed for laptop computers, your TCVR, which is lighter than most laptops should be safe.

I'm not sure about the flex arm question, but here's a link to the catalogs: RAM Mounting Systems, Inc. > Support Center > Catalogs -- and if our friend Ram_Mount_Expert stumbles upon this thread, he may offer you his insight.

hi marvin!
tnx for answering my post and for the hint with the ram mount expert. if he doesn´t find this thread, i will contact him directly.

so you are a kind of globetrotter and of course you are a ham too. our garden here is big, we live in the countryside near the famous wachau region. the conditions reception/transmitting here are excellent (sorry for this ride off topic). a clubstation near to my home stands on a graphite mine and the groundresistance is 1 ohm. it´s like sitting on saltwater.

best 73
gerhard, oe3bga
yet another laptop-gps ham here

I've got the displays for two radios mounted using the standard RAM B-size hardware, and I just finished mounting a Panasonic 12 inch touchscreen display using the ram mobile pedistals (I should have pictures soon, maybe next weekend). I suspect the ram-pod would hold your radio just fine, assuming you're talking a U/VHF, or small HF rig.

I believe the legs on the ram-pod are intended to be cut at install time, so you shouldn't need to find shorter ones.

good luck with your install


Marvin Hlavac
Gerhard, I envy you your QTH

nine, I'm looking forward to the pictures.
Ken in Regina
I'm afraid my receiver, which does have a 12V connector for it, would need something pretty solid to hold it up. Yaesu FRG-7. It was top of the line in its day. Today, not so much.

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