Streets & Trips Compatible GPS Receivers
Marvin Hlavac
  • Any GPS receiver ever sold with any version of Streets & Trips, AutoRoute, or MapPoint will work just fine with any older or newer version of any of those programs. There is no need to buy a new GPS receiver if you are happy with the performance of your existing unit.
  • The "with GPS Locator" version, and the "software-only" version, are both identical programs. You only need to buy the "software-only" product if you already have a compatible GPS receiver
  • Most USB GPS receivers on the market today will work with Microsoft Streets & Trips. Look for "NMEA" and "4800 Baud" in the specifications.
  • DeLorme Earthmate GPS devices are used by many MS Streets & Trips users. If the receiver doesn't seem to work with the program, the problem may be that the receiver is using the default device driver allowing it to work only with DeLorme software. The proper device driver for 3rd party applications can be located at the DeLorme driver disk, or at DeLorme website.
  • Garmin GPS 18 USB receiver, and even some Garmin PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices) can be used as a GPS receiver with MS Streets & Trips with a 3rd party application Franson GPS Gate. Read more »

One note you might add, not all hardware is compatible with Windows Vista. For those of us who use Vista based machines, some older GPS units do not have drivers for Vista. I ended up getting 2008 with the GPS unit because my Magellan eXplorist is not supported on Vista (nor will it "officially" be, according to Magellan).

Marvin Hlavac
That's important to keep in mind, indeed! Thanks, Brian, and welcome to the forum!
I have an eXplorist 40. I downloded the Vista driver from Megellan. It seems to work fine. Just some porblems getting it to sync.
Hmmm... I'll have to check this out. Last I looked, Magellan was not going to support my 210 on Vista. There was a third party driver released that supposedly worked, but I hadn't tested it yet. I wonder if Magellan had enough complaints finally that they decided to support Vista?

Thanks for the note.
Hi Marvin,

Just got Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with the new GPS receiver for Christmas, and I love the new receiver! I was using a Delorme USB receiver, not the LT-20 but the older version. It did work (when it felt like it) after installing the serial emulator but it would take 2-3 minutes to get a 3D lock on the satellites. It would work for a while the for no apparent reason just lose the fix it had and would take forever to acquire a fix again. Sometimes I'd have to reboot the laptop just to get the receiver to work again. So I finally got fed up with it and made some strong suggestions to the family on what I'd like for my Christmas present this year... :-)

This new receiver (the Pharos GPS-500) locks onto the satellites in a matter of seconds, and so far in the past 3 days of using it, it hasn't lost the satellites for any obvious reasons. My only compaint about it is the plastic housing for the USB interface seems to be on the flimsy side and could easily be cracked or broken if one isn't careful with it. Other than that, the GPS-500 is an excellent unit and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an upgrade from an older receiver.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, rasmith1959, the new GPS receiver beats the technology that was available only few years ago. Even DeLorme is improving its hardware and software. Yesterday DeLorme announced it's new http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/222-delorme-debut-earthmate-gps-lt-40-stmicroelectronics-teseo-chipset
Well after having this new GPS-500 receiver for over a month now, I'm still impressed with the unit. I've not experienced and loss of signal, except in obvious cases like going into a tunnel or under a large overpass. Another thing I've noticed is that on average, it's seeing at least 7 satellites or more every time it starts up. My old Delorme receiver would at best see 4-6 satellites at a time.

bieny de groot
We lost our streets and trips GPS receiver 2006.
Who can tell me where we can buy a new one or an other compatible one for Windows Vista.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi bieny,

1. I'd suggest you to buy USB GPS BU-353 receiver by Globalsat. It is based on the powerful SiRFstarIII chipset. It is very inexpensive, too.

2. I'd suggest also to Microsoft to include the same BU-353 in future versions of Streets & Trips. BU-353 is a reliable unit, it is a proven very good performer. Because of the larger antenna size, in comparison to both, the old Pharos GPS-500, or the new Navation GPS 168, the BU-353 unit just simply works better. Some software vendors bundle BU-353 with their laptop GPS software. MSFT could likely get BU-353 cheaper than the Pharos or Navation units.
Just an update to Marvin's excellent information. I have a Delorme LT-40 receiver installed on an Acer Asprie One Netbook. I installed MS Streets & Trips agfter installing DeLorme Street Atlas. Then ran into the problem of S&T not recognizing the LT-40 Earthmate as Marvin mentions in his original Dev 2007 post.

The MS Knowledge Base link no longer exists. However the DeLorme software to make the LT-40 work with S&T is a Serial Emulation Driver for Earthmate® GPS Receivers at this link.
Updated 11/11/2008
Article ID: 319

However, this driver is not supported when coming out of sleep or hibernation mode. This means you have to restart to get the driver to continue working. This can be a significant limitation. If you leave the LT-40 connected during sleep it will stay powered on the Asprie One and will be ready to go when you wake it up.

- - Mike
Seattle, WA
I will add that the GPS 500 does not experience the return from Sleep problem. However the Garmin 20x certainly does and I have had mixed results with the Navation 168.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by tcassidy
I will add that the GPS 500 does not experience the return from Sleep problem. However the Garmin 20x certainly does and I have had mixed results with the Navation 168.

"Navation 168"?? That's the one that comes with the Canadian version of Streets&Trips 2009 .. the thing Microsoft calls the uBlox-5?

Marvin Hlavac
Ken, u-Blox, and u-Blox 5, are chipsets used in GPS units, just like SirfStarII or SiRFstarIII. Terry is correct, the name of the new Microsoft GPS "Locator" is indeed Navation 168 (and I think I will rename the review thread accordingly).
Yes, I think Marvin thought we should refer to it by its part name rather than manufacturer.

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