Which GPS software/hardware for Acer Aspire One?

I'm a newbie here. Thought I ask you this. I have my eyes on Acer Aspire One from Radio Shack and that come with 3G WiFi with AT&T.

I'm wondering, which GPS compatible accessories or software should I buy for this netbook.

I originally planned to get a netbook from Best Buy and get Garmin Nuvi GPS, but why buy two things when you can use all-in-one machine. That is Netbook with 3G WiFi?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

3G and wi-fi are 2 different radios. 3G would be associated with the cellular network (AT&T in your case) and wi-fi works with access points (hotspots) or your own wireless router.

3G would allow you to access the internet via the AT&T cellular network at a monthly charge for a data plan. Wi-fi would allow internet access via hotspots. Neither of these is directly associated with GPS.

Most netbooks have wi-fi built in. The AT&T 3G service would be an additional extra. However, don't consider it before checking the monthly rates for a data plan to make sure they meet your needs. This service could be added to any laptop using a USB dongle.

You would require navigation software and a GPS receiver. Others on this forum are using the Acer Aspire with various navigation programs including Microsoft Streets & Trips and Garmin Mobile PC. Either of those can be purchased with a USB GPS receiver included.

Thanks for clearing it up for me.

If you like the Nuvi interface, you would probably be happy with Garmin Mobile PC on an Acer Aspire. The interface is virtually identical and you get a bigger display.
The downsides are;
No touch screen - Mobile PC is optimized for a touch screen - fortunately most functions have a well marked keyboard shortcut.
Brightness - Nuvis are optimized to work in brighter environments. Netbooks aren't
Speaker volume - even in my noisy truck, I can hear the Nuvi. Of course if your signature means you have a BMW, you might be able to hear the Acer.
Mounting - You will have to place the netbook somewhere you can see and control it

The netbook is a computer so can perform a lot of different functions
The netbook has a real keyboard
The netbook lets you try a variety of navigation programs even at the same time if you are so inclined
Cost of the netbook plus software is well within the price range of a better Nuvi.

My personal opinion is locking into a 2 year data plan to save $300 or so is not a good idea. However, I can not know your situation. Investigate the cellular data plan if it meets your needs. I think a netbook with a screen size you like and Windows operating system will get you started in the right direction. Then read about the different navigation programs we discuss to see what interests you.

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