Waterproof Bluetooth GPS Receiver
I'm using CoPilot Laptop 11 and BU353 USB antenna.

I would rather have a Bluetooth antenna that I can mount on the roof of my car or medium duty truck that I use to haul my 5th wheel.

The Bluetooth is more necessary for the truck. It has a visor that prevents a good, consistent lock.

First question - will Bluetooth work that far?

Second - Is there a waterproof, Bluetooth antenna

Third - It would need some type of magnetic mount to keep it on the roof

Fourth - would need an 8 to 10 hour battery life.

The Garmin GPS10 (not 10x) would meet all your needs. However it is an older technology discontinued product and expensive. It would be cheaper to buy 2 BU353s and mount them permanently in the different vehicles using a USB extension cable. The BU-353 is waterproof and magnetic as you probably already know. There is also a truck version with a long cord but it is a mast-type mount.

I wanted to follow up on this thread. I noticed it was a year old but I too am looking for something similar.

I would like to mount the gps receiver on top of the "slide in" camper on my pickup. The camper itself has power so providing that isn't a problem but the bluetooth connectivity would be nice because I'll be using a laptop while sitting in the cab. I would rather avoid having to run a usb cable all the way into the cab if necessary.

Any updates since the original post?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Sirwin, and welcome to the forums. You could use an "OtterBox" waterproof case with magnetic base. They are designed for this exact purpose.
I've been looking around and I believe the waterproof case is the best solution for what I originally had in mind. I am not too excited about the idea of powering it off of batteries though, so now I'm looking for Plan B.

Plan B is to mount a Bluetooth GPS receiver inside the camper, have it connected to the 12 volt system in there, and mount an external waterproof antenna on the roof.

I'm going to explore the forums for recommendations for Bluetooth GPS receivers with external antenna ports, but any recommendations would be appreciated.
The only BT one I know with an antenna connection is the Holux GPSlim 236.

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I also found the following:

Royaltek RBT-2210/2200 BT GPS

It appears to have a port to plug in an external antenna as well. I'll check both out and let you know what I find.

Thanks again for the info!
After trolling the internet, I found 11 GPS discontinued.

I noticed most had either the SiRF III chip or the MTK chip. Is one better than another?

The only two I found that seem to still be in production are Royaltek RBT-2210 and Royaltek RBT-2300.

Most receivers connected to an external antenna via an MMCX plug. I reviewed the user documents from http://www.royaltek.com/, but they don't list what type of plug is it beyond "mc card".

Does anyone have any experience with the Royaltek GPS devices?
Oops...nevermind the MTK vs SiRF question. I just found this on your website:


Any info on Royaltek 2300 external antenna port is appreciated.
One of the reasons external antenna connections are few and far between is the sensitivity of GPS chips today compared to the past. They will work fine under most conditions althouth I am not sure how that might apply in a metal shell camper.

The MKT II is a newer and more sensitive chipset. With an external powered antenna and full sky view, I am sure the SirfStar III would be fine though.

I have no experience with any RoyalTek products. I don't see any MTK II GPS in the Royaltek lineup. The 2300 is a SirfStar III with data logging capabilities. That would probably increase the price for features you haven't said you need.

Just to follow up on the thread. I contacted the manufacturer. The Royaltek 2300 has a MMCX port. The 2100 may have a port as well. The manufacturer said some versions of the model had the port while others did not.
The Royaltek site says the 2300 replaced the 2100 in 2006. It might be difficult to find a new 2100 these days with or without a mcx connector. Did you ask about the 2210?

Bluetooth GPS Receiver: RBT-2210/2200 Bluetooth GPS RoyalTek

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The manufacturer said yes, the 2210 has a 3.0V input MMCX type active antenna connector.
Ken in Regina
Are you aware that the voltage specification has a significant impact? An active antenna requires power. It gets that power from whatever it is connected to. In this case, the 2210 unit will supply power at up to 3.0V DC to an active antenna when it is connected. This will have an impact on the battery life of the Bluetooth unit that it's connected to.

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