WAAS and Current Location
Ken in Regina
Not related, but I have two short questions.

1. In Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, can I enable and disable WAAS? If so, how?

2. Also in Streets & Trips 2008, can I manually force the Current Location? If so, how?

I have S&T installed on my laptop to use for navigation but I also want to install it on my desktop PC for planning. It's a nuisance to always have to enter the start of the route but in the basement (where the desktop is located) I can't get a satellite lock so I want to force the Current Location. Hopefully by doing that I can do routing by just entering the destination instead of both the start and end.

Failing that, does anyone know where I can get a really long extension cord for the GPS receiver?

Marvin Hlavac
LOL, if yours is the GPS receiver that came with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, than it is quite possible it will eventually acquire a good lock on satellite signals. Just give it enough time. In my basement it takes about a half an hour . These GPS receivers, based of the SiRFstarIII chipset, are much better than the older generation.

Streets & Trips doesn't have a built-in functionality to enable/disable WAAS. This is often a function of a utility software supplied with a GPS receiver. Alternatively, you could use a program such as SirfDemo. But there is no practical reason for driving purposes to enable WAAS. (However, WAAS seems to still be a good advertising feature )

To avoid having to enter the start location repeatedly, you could enter it once, and then save the file. Reuse the saved file when ever you wish to plan a route (in your basement )
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
But there is no practical reason for driving purposes to enable WAAS. (However, WAAS seems to still be a good advertising feature )
Thanks, Marvin. My concern was actually the opposite. Since there is no obvious way to enable or disable and since the S&T promotional material indicates the receiver does WAAS I was afraid the default was enabled. That's not good if the birds that deliver the almanac are not in sight and the almanac contains old data. Your comment suggests that WAAS is disabled by default on that receiver?

I'll track down some of those utilities you mentioned and see what I can find out. Perhaps I will also try hard to demonstrate a little patience and see if I can get a lock downstairs. The problem is that my office is right underneath a bunch of metal heating ducts. We shall see....

Marvin Hlavac
I don't know if WAAS is enabled from factory. I've never really paid any attention to it. But if nothing else, SiRFdemo will reveal this to you. And it will let you disable (or enable) it, too, if needed.

And re: the basement. Just plug the GPS into the USB port, go out for lunch, and check it when you come back an hour later
The USB cable with Streets and Trips 2008 appears to be just a regular USB extension cable. The little block between the MS GPSr and the USB cable sure looks like simply an adaptor. Accordingly, you should be able to use any USB extension cable available at almost any computer store. Just put the GPSr near a window and wait a while.

I know that doesn't answer your question...

Like Marvin, I have just ignored WAAS in my driving adventures. In other environments, though, a different story prevails!
Ken in Regina
Arnie and Marvin,

Looks like I won't need a giant USB extension after all. I can get anywhere from six to eight birds in the basement. And it only took a little over 15 minutes to get the initial lock. I found that setting it on a piece of metal to give it a good ground plane helps (I used an old platter from a 5 1/4" hard drive but any piece of metal at least 4" diameter will do. A swedish friend has discovered that a small cast iron skillet works a treat.)

nroute reports the accuracy is 14 to 18 feet. And the trip meter shows that my house has moved .26 miles in the past six hours!!

Marvin Hlavac
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