Is there a way to set a default city in Streets and Trips?
Is there anyway to set a default city in Streets and Trips?

We are going to use it in a First Response role, and need to just enter the address, (unless it's a response to another city).

I need to be able to set up the program so all the user needs to do is input a street address in the route planner.

I want to set it up so the city/state are defaulted to ours, and do not need to be entered each time, and that the search result box doesn't come up, just the location shown on the map.

Hi Woodduck ,

As of now there is no way to set default city or state in the FIND UI in the Streets & Trips application . If I search for '3840 148th AVE' in the FIND UI it still finds what I am looking for but it takes a longer time to do so and it will be faster if I just mentioned '3840 148th AVE, Redmond, WA'

To do a search without mentioning the city and state you have to first,

1. Open the FIND UI by clicking the FIND icon from the toolbar or you can press Ctrl+F
2. Then enter the door # and street name in the street address field and then hit <FIND>

But if you don't wish to see the FIND UI and do not want to enter the City and State with the address and always want to default to a particular city and state then you might want to write a custom application using MapPoint 2009

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