Is it possible to put MS Streets & Trips on two of my computers?
I gather that it's possible to put Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 on two of my computers? Is that correct or does Ken have two copies?

Ken in Regina
Hi Ed,

You can put it on two devices and activate it on both. (Well, you can put it on as many as you want but you can only activate it on two and it stops working eventually if you don't activate it.)

Wayne in Red Deer
I am fairly sure that the software license allows for instalation on 2 machines at the same time. One on your laptop and one on your desktop.

I don't think that you can load it on 2 laptops at the same time.
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by Wayne in Red Deer
... I don't think that you can load it on 2 laptops at the same time.
Hi Wayne,

I think you're right. Here's the applicable terms from the license agreement with Streets and Trips 2008:


a. Licensed Device. The licensed device is the device on which you use the software. You may install and use one copy of the software on the licensed device.
b. Portable Device. You may install another copy on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device.
Although how they can tell the difference between a laptop and a desktop escapes me. Perhaps they're just trusting me to make the distinction .... even though I'm like the other 98% who never read the license or documentation.

Folks, I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but I read these words as saying you can do two activations on two laptops.

The first allowed activation is (in their terms) a "licensed device" which is "the device on which you use the software." That appears to mean any computing device including mainframe, server, desktop, laptop, pocket PC, abacus, or anything else that computes.

The second allowed activation is (in their terms) a "portable device" which I would take to include laptop, pocket PC, or abacus, but
NOT anything else.

Now, my primary computer happens to be a laptop, my "licenced device". I also have a second "portable device" which also happens to be a laptop. IMHO, I can legally activate Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 on both.

However, like Ken, I generally don't read the abstruse legalese of these EULA's.
If you are really concerned, you can download a free software package called Eulalyzer from EULAlyzer . I've never used it, but it sounds interesting.
After rereading this thread I suspect I should make it clear that my question regarding using S&T on two machines was only to find out that if I was an owner of S&T it would be possible to put it on two computers. I do have a desktop and a laptop, which is why the question came up. It would be handy to have it on both. Thanks to those who cleared this up for me.
Laptop GPS World has been a treasure trove for a newbie like me.

This was one of the main concerns I had prior to purchasing S&T 08,I had looked for the 07 version but could not locate any,I found 08 on sale at Office depot so I took the plunge,good to know I can now install it on my desktop as well if needed.

I agree,this site is awesome.
Marvin Hlavac
Zammer, welcome to Laptop GPS World. This website is only as "awesome" as the members make it .

The first day I received my S&T 2008 I installed it on my home desktop and also on my mobile computer. Both installations were successfully activated the same day.

Later I needed to re-install my Windows XP mobile PC to Windows Vista operating system. I actually added a new hard drive to my existing PC for this purpose. To activate I needed to phone the technical support, because new hardware was involved. My installation was activated manually with the tech person on the phone. I was told that if I hadn't added any new hardware, if I only reformatted and re-installed OS and S&T, even the on-line activation would activate it successfully without me having to phone them.

I overheard someone say MS was considering adding a feature into the activation application to allow users to "return" an activation key to the server, so S&T can be uninstalled from one PC and later installed on another PC, if ever such need arises.
The ability to cancel the activation on one machine and reactivate on another machine would be good.
Today I received my evaluation copy from iGuidance. First thing I noticed in the guide was the instruction on activating and de-activating it. There are specific instructions for transferring license to a new PC. There does not seem to be a limit on the number of transfers. It says "Transfer from old to new, from work PC to home PC( or vice versa) or in between PC's in the same household 24x7. You don't need to contact them, do it online.
The iGuidance activation guide also says that two activations are allowed at the same time on each licence.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, the ability to activate and de-activate online makes things much simpler and convenient for users. These are the words of iNav, the maker of iGuidance:

Users may install on as many pc devices as they wish but max of 2 activations are available at any given time. Users may utilize the de-activate and re-activate option to transfer license among multiple PC devices if they have > 2, provided all these devices belong to the same licensee (owner of iGuidance).
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