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Allow users to apply a stop duration to multiple stops
I am VERY UPSET that Neither MS Streets & Trips Nor Delorme provides a
feature that will allow the user to apply a stop duration to multiple
stops without having to spend tedious minutes or hours applying a stop duration one by one!

I have a need in real estate where i am currently doing a project that has
498 homes and I would like to apply a 15 minute stop to all of them, but
Guess what? You got It.. I have to manually select each stop one by one to apply a the 15min stop duration!

I guess I'm frustrated because I have seen these year after year updates
without much changing at all except the GUI!

Functionality appears to be the same for each year!

Even if there is not a large audience for my cry here, I can't see how in
the world it would be so bad to implement a feature that will allow a default setting or 'select all' setting for the user's option on multiple way-points even if it's for a few stops.

Anyhow, I would like to see some useful features added to this program
instead of a GUI change year after year.. IMO

Sincerely, hotwire
Marvin Hlavac
I think there is audience for this feature. I've heard people asking about this functionality in the past. Thanks for posting your feature request here. And welcome to the forum, hotwire.
Still, even with the new Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010, if you want to schedule a 5 minute stop at each pushpin, you have to click on each stop individually. On a 40-50 pushpin stop, it becomes very tedious to click on each stop to add the same amount of time to each one.

I wish, as in the past 6 years of use, that we can add a certain amount of minutes for a stop, to each stop automatically. Then adjust those we need to change manually.
Marvin Hlavac
Texoma, I merged your post into this existing thread. I think this is a valuable feature suggestion. I wonder if it could be implemented by for example letting users highlight/select multiple stops in the Route Planner. And then let users "Schedule Stops" for all selected items simultaneously.

This implementation could also allow users to simultaneously move more then one stop up or down in the Route Planner.
Right On! And if you could reverse the route without losing your times also.
Yep. Add it to the list of several other things that S&T users need to be able to shift-select (or area select) multiple items (like the built-in POIs!), in the same way as in a standard folder window.
I'm also very upset about the inability to add waypoint stopover times in bulk. Also, a fix is needed so reversing a route won't wipe out all of said stopover times. That's *really* frustrating.

These are such crucial, but simple requests, and ignored for years of updates. I feel like we're banging our heads against the wall, but never heard.
Scott Brady
I too have many stops during my trip and desperately need to be able to add stop times for multiple stops. I need to stop at each location for 10 minutes and just don't have time to do this individually.
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