Streets & Trips 2009: One of the componets failed to install, setup will now close
fails every time with the message that " one of the componets failed to install, setup will now close".

It seems to be the .NET framework which fails to install. I am trying to install it on a Acer Aspire with 1.5Gb ram and 160Gb hd, and 2007 worked fine.

I tried uninstalling the 2007 and still no luck.

Tried every search I could think of on this forum, .NET, framework, etc...no luck there either.

Anyone had this problem?

Mandolin Guy
Jakfrost, I'm sorry I don't have an answer and I don't mean to hijack the thread but this seems like the perfect time to bring up the fact that I'm not likely to upgrade to 2009. Seems like everytime you turn around, someone is having some kind of a problem with it. I'm sure the problems will be worked out but it can be such a hassle. The 2009 version is almost like a beta with things that need to be corrected.
Thanks for the reply...I managed to get it to install, after finally finding the file I needed on the Microsoft website.

The .NET framework is and executable file and comes in at least 3 versions, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.5. There may be variations on each...however after downloading each individually and installing and then trying ST '09 again only the 3.5 ver worked.

Seems this .NET thing is something that is included in the Vista OS but not in the XP home edition of Windozzzz.

I normally work with Mac but have the little Acer Aspire One just for the odd app that won't run under OSX...

So now its installed but sure is different from '08, not sure I like it, like you say it seem very 'beta' so far.


But there are also very interesting feature in 2009:

One of my favorite is the new 3d like navigation in full screen that is really working and much better (navigation view). This is the mode i am always using most of the time when navigating now...

The speak street name new feature is another plus for me (even if not perfect) cause i am using voice guidance navigation very often...

The gps trail feature is also working for the first time in the 2009 version (without crashing)...

These are few of them :-)
Ok quick question were you able to get streets and trips to install on your acer aspire one? I am just wondering because I have one as well and was debating on getting streets and trips 2009.

and have you found any other issues with the program? I'm just curious before I invest money into it because stores have gotten really picky about returning software even when you prove to them it wont work.....>_<
Why don't you download the free 60 day trial from Microsoft. You should know in 2 months if you like it.

Well I would download the free 60 day trial but with having satellite internet it would take a couple days due to hughes net having a 500meg. max download in a 24 hr time frame.
Originally Posted by RallandC.
Well I would download the free 60 day trial but with having satellite internet it would take a couple days due to hughes net having a 500meg. max download in a 24 hr time frame.
Or you might get up early and catch the last hour of "FAP" free time, watch the sun come up and be able to start preplanning that next getaway. Then again, if you are in the western time zones then maybe staying up an hour or so later might be easier. Either way, anything downloaded during the free period doesn't count against you. Good Luck
To avoid a large download, you can test drive Mappoint live using Remote Desktop technology to get a rough idea of what it's like. Note: Streets and Trips contains a subset of Mappoint's features. As long as you avoid all the data features and use only the mapping and trip planning features, it'll give you a fair idea of what S&T is like. Also note: it'll be very laggy over satellite.

I wonder why there isn't a company that mails you DVDs of large downloads. This would be useful to people using modem, slow DSL, satellite, or other rate-capped connections. I've never found one, although I can understand why such a service would not turn a profit.
Jakfrost: Does your Mac have an Intel CPU?

Look at getting a "virtualization" application like VMWare or Parallels Desktop (I use the latter - and like you, I use it for those few apps for which no equivalent exists on the Mac side like MSTS).
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