Notebook has no CD drive. How to install AutoRoute 2004?
I am trying to install Autoroute 2004. Having copied original disc onto usb stick, cannot get it to accept "2nd Disc" on install. Can anybody
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Brian,

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How did you copy the two CDs onto one USB memory stick? Did you copy them into two different folders? I think the way to do it is to copy the two CDs into one location, for example the root of the USB stick. The two CDs may contain some of the same files, so if/when asked to overwrite a file, click "Yes".

If you still cannot install from the stick, try to copy & paste from the stick to C:\, and then install from there.

P.S. Occasionally people register here at the site using their e-mail address as their user name. That's usually by a mistake. If it wasn't your intention to use your e-mail as your name, just let me know and I will change it.
Thanks for the info

and yes it was a mistake can you change the user name to BrianCollier45

Marvin Hlavac
Done, Brian. Let us know if the installation succeeds.
Thanks very much it worked as follows
Copied the files from disc2 into disc 1 folder overwriting as necessary. Copied file onto desktop and opened the folder. Double clicked on the file "cd1run" and did a full installation, no problems.

As an aside I am trying to buy Streets and Maps 2009 but am told by Microsoft I cannot buy this in the UK. Is this true
Hi Brian,

You should be able to buy Streets & Trips 09 from the Microsoft Store.

You can also download the product and get a PID in email, instead of actually ordering the box.

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Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by BrianCollier45
As an aside I am trying to buy Streets and Maps 2009 but am told by Microsoft I cannot buy this in the UK. Is this true
Hi Brian,

I think you're asking the wrong question. Using the internet you can buy pretty much anything you want.

The proper question is, should you buy it?

Streets&Trips 2009 only comes with maps of the United States and Canada in it. There is no way, as far as I know, to add maps for any other parts of the planet.

So, if you want to buy it for planning a trip to North America, there are many places on the internet to buy it, including the Microsoft Store, as Gladwin suggested, or eBay or Amazon or probably a few dozen other online stores.

Autoroute, which was the European equivalent of Streets&Trips, is no longer made.

If you want the same interface and features as Streets&Trips but with maps of Europe, your only option is Mappoint Europe 2009, but it's more expensive.

Or you may buy an old version of Autoroute 2007 if some map are available for your region. You can probably still find old version of this one (this is similar than Street and Trips, but for Europe). 2007 is the last year version for this software and it has been discontinued by Microsoft.
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