Getting Streets & Trips to keep things "squared"
Hey there. First time poster here.

Got a question: Does anyone know why S&T tracks your position on a map that's 'off square' with the window it runs in? For instance, when it's in navigation mode or that 'direction up' mode, the road you're on and the whole map is crooked, not straight up and down. If I toggle between 'north up' and back to 'direction up' or 'navigation mode', it goes back to being uncrooked.

Any ideas why....and how to fix this problem? I get tired of driving and seeing a map that's diagonal...with the pointer (me) being straight and driving on a crooked map.
Hi skeptic,

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If you want the GPS location icon to track straight up make sure the 'rotate map to follow travel direction' checkbox in the GPS pane is checked. If it is not checked then the map is always displayed in a North is up position.

Hi Larry,

The option ''rotate map to follow travel direction' is what I'm calling as "direction up". My bad on that part. Yes, I usually use that option. However, being "straight up" is not what my S&T wants to do. For example; on a straight road I'm travelling on, the road is crooked and not straight up and down...more to the right of the middle of the map on top, and left of the middle of the map on bottom. As such, my location arrow is driving on an angled road for some reason, even though the pointed end of my location arrow is pointing straight up.

Am I confusing you with my explanation yet? It's hard to explain otherwise. Maybe I'll get a s/s of it and post it here it will be easier to understand.
Marvin Hlavac
Skeptic, now I think I understand what you are saying. Yes, Streets & Trips (and also MapPoint) tend to show the road on which we travel turned to the right (clockwise) by about 15 degrees, instead of straight up. It has been like this ever since the "Rotate map in the direction of travel" feature has been introduced I think way back in Streets & Trips 2005.

You are the very first user I have ever heard pointing at this "imperfection" in the program . If this is something that could be easily fixed, I would love it to be corrected, too. It has bugged me from the day one, but like the rest of us, I have also suffered in silence.
Ken in Regina
Marvin, do you suppose it's magnetic declination that's pulling it out of whack?

Yes. That's the problem I'm trying to explain. Hopefully a patch could be brought out to fix it??? It can be irritating at times..
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