Streets & Trips pushpins, corrupted files, and compatibility questions
A couple friends and I use Microsoft Streets and Trips to document existing power lines and historic alignments of older ones... one example of my work: http://www.insulators.info/pictures/?id=239822166

I found this forum while trying to find a solution for data set corruption I'm experiencing with my current mapping project (the My Pushpins set eventually throws an "Invalid Argument" error and another set eventually develops a duplicate entry for whatever the first entry happens to be) - didn't know one could copy the entire data set(s) to a new file; will try that. I usually move the pins out of the My Pushpins set into specific data sets right after the pin is created (there should be an option when adding pushpins where multiple data sets exist in the current file to automatically place it in the desired data set without this intermediate step...)

But then I have all the color-coded lines I've drawn... after moving the pushpins to a new file, is there any way to copy all the lines to the new map? My current map crosses THREE states (and 500+ pushpins)

The other question is - I have the 2008 version, one friend has my old 2004 copy, and I THINK the other still has 2002. Is there any way to make my 2008 maps backwards compatible with the older versions? It would really make it easier for the three of us to show each other our current projects. Neither friend has ready funds to purchase 2008/2009...

Thanks in advance -
Ken in Regina
Hi LineChaser,

The only one of your questions I can answer is that there's no direct way you can make them backwards compatible. I have a couple of suggestions. One is that you might be able to import the file from the newest version into GPSBabel or GPS Utility and export it back out into the format of an older version. Eg. You would do something like import the .est file, export it to some other format like .GPX, then import the .GPX file and export it back to .est.

I have worked with the two utilities only a tiny bit so I don't know how well you can control their output format when exporting to Streets&Trips format. I also don't know whether you will lose anything in the process, depending on which interim format you choose (the chosen interim format, eg. .GPX, might not support all features of the .est file).

Second, I recommend that if it's important to you to be able to share your work with the other two people that you get them to upgrade to the same version as you. The Streets&Trips version without the GPS receiver is cheap like dirt. Failing that, and still assuming it's important to share with them, you could consider using the oldest version yourself. Generally, the newer versions can read the older files but not vice versa.

Regarding the corrupted file - I got all the data sets but one moved; the one that remained was the corrupt one. An hour of mindless tedium with cut / paste later, I got all the line segments moved. All that's left in the old file is 50 pushpins which will just serve as a guide for me to manually recreate said pins in the new file. Whew!

As for versions, I'll just look for copies of 2008 on Ebay or somesuch and send to my friends then...

Thanks so far.
Got the pins created and confirmed the "corrupted genes" remained in the old file (deleted the 49 remaining visible pins; trying to see what that 50th pin was resulted in a visit from Doctor Watson). Old file has now been dealt with, and a few smaller data sets that got moved over to the new that had similar traits to the one that became corrupt were dealt with (there may be a bug where defining the pushpin style for the data set then attempting to change the style of a single pushpin within the data set leads to corruption).
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