Can I have both, iGuidance 2009 and iGuidance 4, installed at the same time?
Can I have both programs installed at the same time? I just ordered 2009 before a trip and if I have problems I would like to go back to V4. 2009 should arrive tomorrow and I will have 1 day before the trip to test it. Poor planning on my part but I get to add more chaos to my life this way.

Marvin Hlavac
boalexander, I very much suspect this will not work. You may even find that out as soon as you insert the installation DVD; I suspect you may be prompted to uninstall the old iGuidance 4 before it lets you install the new iGuidance 2009.
I did a quick test on a laptop which has iGuidance 4 installed. When I inserted the 2009 DVD, it offered to modify, repair or remove the existing program. That would indicate to me that v4 and 2009 can not coexist.

Can you install 2009 on another machine, then manually copy the maps over to use with V3?
Marvin Hlavac
d111, no I'm afraid others have tried and failed.
I uninstalled V4 and installed 2009. . .looks good so far. All favorites were pulled into the new program. When you install and register and you enter the "LN" you don't enter the dashes but when you go online and build an account you have to put the dashes into the box. Go figure.
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