iGuidance Free Evaluation copy.
I've spent several hours learning and playing with this free evaluation copy of iGuidance 4.
This is my first experience with any kind of GPS equipment so my opinion is not very informed but I have to say it's amazing!
I started off stuck with a screen showing streets somewhere in California and was able to work my way around to my neighborhood after lots of reading and trial experiments.
I will say that the disk did not come with lots of support, I guess they figure that the evaluation copy is for someone that already has used GPS.
But that's a common misconception made by lots of Corporations staffed by experts in their field. I'm sensitive to this because I wrote lots of in house training manuals for the outfit I worked for until retirement. A lot of the stuff I did at that time was transforming suppliers guides into something "Homer" types like me would be able to understand quickly.
I DO RECOMMEND this free evaluation to any others thinking about GPS software. It's interesting and it's quite easy to spend hours learning the tricks.
Marvin Hlavac
If you connect a GPS receiver, the program will start centered on your location. Then it's just a matter of clicking (or tapping) on the "Menu" button on the screen, and following the intuitive interface. But by now you have figured this out .

There is an iGuidance User Manual installed on your computer. If you don't see a shortcut icon on your desktop, you may access it via Start > Programs > iNav > iGuidance > User Manual.

I plan on putting together an up-to-date guide on "skinning" iGuidance 4.0. It may take me a few weeks still, as there are few other things I've been postponing for a while, but it will eventually be done. And then perhaps we can have another "contest": Who can create the best skin!
A couple of days ago I went ahead and bought the key for my evaluation copy of iGuidance. I've spent the last little while learning and playing with it on my desktop gettiing ready for the time when I can put it into my laptop. Hopefully I'll get out to the lake and pick up my laptop before christmas. I'll have to find my own way out there, but iGuidance will bring me home.
Now that I'm retired we seem to be travelling around the city a lot more and while we haven't really ever got lost, we have had the occasional problem. iGuidance looks like the cure.
So far I'm very impressed with iGuidance.
I thought I had a few problems but iGuidance customer service put me on the right track quickly. Customer service responded to my e-mail courteously and in language a noobee like me could comprehend.
I also have a copy of another GPS software/receiver program so I'm using that GPS locator with iGuidance untill I take that program back to the store. I have another two weeks. I like iguidance better than the other although the other software does have it's strong points, iGuidance came through smelling like roses in the customer service area.
Can anyone recommend another GPS locator? I like this one because it picks up quickly inside my home, but I will have to return it. I have found a couple of sites that sell locators but it would be better to buy one that others have had good experience with.
I bought the software through Semsons and got the discount,,Thanks Marvin
Marvin Hlavac
edh, I'd go with the GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS Receiver. Many people use it, and it seems to be a good reliable unit. Semsons, in its Wired GPS Receivers page lists a couple of other (less expensive) SiRFstarIII based units, which are very likely just as good. But because of the good user feedback on the BU-353, I'd stick with that one.

It seems most GPS stores carry it. Semsons has is listed now at $45.99.

Let us know what laptop Santa delivers this Christmas !
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