Where to buy Garmin Mobile PC in Vancouver?
does anyone know of any stores or retail chains in Vancouver that would sell Garmin mobile pc.? as i dont live there i have no idea where to start or what your major store names are.

anyway, a mate of mine is living there and coming back to new zealand in april and is happy to bring a copy back for me, but i dont want him driving all about town trying to find a shop.

hes in the Coquitlam and Burnaby area in vancouver, if that helps but is out and about all the time and has a cer

the $NZ is totally sucking next to the $us and $ca, so any saving is a good saving.

cheers in advance.

I check ebay and a few places but most have $20 freight so i might as well just ship it here in that case since to NZ its $23us for shipping
Ken in Regina
If he is staying with someone who has an address that can be shipped to, there's lots of time for him to order online from one of the following Canadian sources.

GPS Central

GPS City

These companies are both in Calgary and both have excellent service. Even the cheapest shipping option will get it to Vancouver in about a week. I didn't look at the shipping, but I don't know if you'll save much this way either.

I'll go with Ken on that one. When I lived in Vancouver, I was dissappointed at the lack of GPS product availability. I dealt with GPS Central due to their excellent product selection and price. Express shipping is a little pricey but very fast. Regular shipping is more reasonable and under a week.

kool thanks guys, i might as well just freight it to myself here in nz, freight is $10 more than from calgary to vancouver
What about Customs and handling charges? I admit, I only ordered something from Oz once and there were no fees. But most things, if they even need to touch Customs, add a handling fee and taxes.

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