Exporting DeLorme Street Atlas maps for Palm OS?
Could someone post a step by step procedure for exporting maps for Palm OS?

I got Street Atlas 2009 to replace the old Mapopolis and its (not too accurate and missing lots of roads) 'platinum' maps that last saw an update circa 2002, before they went out of business.

I have a Palm Tungsten E2, which has 32meg internal RAM and is limited to a maximum SD card size of 1 gig. (Unlike most other Palms, nobody has yet devised a hack to make a TE2 work with larger SD cards.)

I have SA installed on my laptop (Vista Ultimate) and want to make maps of these counties in Idaho; Washington, Payette, Canyon, Ada; and Malheur county in Oregon. I rarely travel outside this area, just need a handy portable map on which I can lookup addresses to find where they are. I don't need any satellite photos or other such fancy stuff, just roads, addresses and possibly POIs. The same stuff as Mapopolis but much more current.

I have a portable GPS (RW200 with CoPilot 7) for my car but it's quite useless as a portable map/atlas though very nice for directions while rolling. Its battery life is about 3 hours VS the Palm's (upgraded with a 3rd party one) battery life of about 12 or more with the backlight on. One reviewer tried to run down the original TE2 battery playing MP3's with the backlight off and gave up after 12 hours!
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