I need a world map software to download my waypoints!
Hello all,
I am looking for mapping software that would be compatible with my Garmin 12XL. I need to download my waypoints onto my computer for prosperity. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Ken in Cape Breton
I'm not sure the GPS 12XL will work with Garmin's MapSource (the GPS 12MAP would) but you can try this:

Originally Posted by sohsoh88
Ken, I was able to use this method to install a valid copy of Mapsource 6.15.4 and nRoute 2.76
(For those who do not have mapsource & nroute)
1. Download Garmin Training Center for Windows 3.2.3:
2. Install (1) above
3. Download latest Mapsource & nRoute from Garmin: &
4. Install Mapsource & nRoute
Uninstall (1) above
You don't actually need nRoute, but you may find it useful. About