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My thoughts on Streets and Trips 2009
If some of these suggestions have been posted before, my apologies. I've looked for a bit and didn't find any of them.

Microsoft does have a good program on their hands, but haven't thought everything out that a GPS software should do for a driver who is not looking for spending time tapping on the computer. Microsoft needs to understand that user-friendly features, IMO, makes or breaks a GPS...

1. Quick reference information. The "GPS box" that pops up after closing the GPS panel is lame on quick information. The GPS panel is lacking for quick info itself. As such, drop off the "Provide navigation" option; the "configure GPS" option. Add in below the rest: Distance to route or waypoint/ Time to destination/ Elevation (in larger font)/time (in larger font), etc. Actual real-time info that matters to the driver on a quick glance. When drivers quickly glance over to their GPS, they are not wanting all that extra little detail to be on the screen. They want useful information at a split-second glance. This can be done with a sidebar feature that can be retracted when selected to be retracted. A sidebar that displays numbers and no box surrounding the letters (so the map won't be covered any more than with the running numbers of speed/elevation/time to destination/etc).

2. Remove the searchbox on the toolbar. Set it in the Menu list. No need for two of them (the second one being on the GPS panel).


4. The "rotate map to follow travel direction"...or, to me "direction up" glitch fixed. I'm already tired of driving on a map that is crooked or off-square to the viewing window. That's an obvious flaw that shouldn't have been allowed past the R&D at Microsoft. It's also evident on the "Navigation view".

5. Easier "add route", "add waypoint". The route planner is fine, but there is a necessity for more basic routing features.

6. Zoom in and out needs more scale options. It goes from something like 1 inch=1 mile to 1 inch=5 miles. I'd like to see 1 inch = 300 feet, 1000 feet, .2 mile, .4 mile., 1 mile, 2 miles, 5 miles...and then after that it doesn't matter.

7. Can it be more real-time on drawing the maps? Seems like it 'updates' the tracking every 2 seconds (herky-jerky). I'd like to see a smoother real-time drawing of the maps.

8. The color of the ground in the map. I had a Navigon and just hated the color of the land. Can't it be more....invigorating? Maybe a light green? None of the current map selections allow a color like that.

9. An automatic change to "night map" and back to "road map" option for the day/night driving. This is too obvious to ignore. Not all travellers drive during the daytime. Pulling over to change the map from "road map" to "night map" is a bit inconvienent.

There is more improvements that can be done, but these 9 really stick out like a sore thumb considering this software has been on the market for quite a while.
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