LT-40 USB GPS - can this be used in Southeast Asia?
I bought a 2009 Delorme Street Atlas USA that was bundled with an LT-40 GPS receiver. Does anyone know if there are maps or other software that I can put on my netbook to navigate with in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia? I've heard that you can use Google Earth Pro if you are online or if you cache the map files, but it sounds like a lengthy and tedious process.....
Ken in Regina
Google Earth v.5 works with a GPS so you can do that for free instead of buying GE Pro. The main difference is that the map cache on GE is smaller than on GE Pro.

There are supposed to be utility programs that will help you load the map cache. I have not tried any but I've seen them refered to. You can download GE v.5 and test your LT-40 with it. If that works well, you can search for programs to help load the map cache.

I do not think Delorme has maps for other than North America.

To use the LT-40 with Google Earth, you would probably need a serial emulation program available for free from Delorme.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi rchoy,

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Any laptop GPS receiver (USB or Bluetooth) will function anywhere in the world. That's the easy part. The more difficult part is the software/maps. USA/Canada/Europe is covered by several products, but other areas may not have navigable map data available as easily.

I'd look into the possibility of buying Garmin Mobile PC (the USA/Canada or EU version), and then adding 3rd-party Garmin-compatible maps to it. More information about this can be found in our Garmin forum section.
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