Need a new GPS sensor for Streets & Trips

I am new to this forum and GPS in general. I purchased Streets and Trips 06 in 2007 along with a Holux (I think thats how to spell it) sensor that attached by USB. The sensor broke and I tossed it out.

Now, I need another sensor and I have no idea what to look for.

Do any of you folks have an idea on what I need to look for?

Ken in Regina
You can use any GPS receiver with Streets&Trips as long as the receiver is "NMEA-compliant". You can use a USB receiver or you can use a Bluetooth receiver.

If you use a Bluetooth receiver your laptop must already be able to receive Bluetooth signals or else you will need to also buy a Bluetooth USB adapter to plug into the laptop.

I can't recall if there are restrictions on the COM port speed that Streets&Trips will use (maybe only 4800??) or if there are restrictions on the number of updates per second it will accept from the receiver (maybe only 1Hz??). Perhaps someone who is more familiar can clarify those issues.

S&T tops out at 4800 bps and a refresh rate of 1 Hz. This is standard fare for a basic USB GPS and BT GPS. For USB, the GlobalSat BU-353 works fine with S&T.

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