Hospitals missing address / phone in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009?
Marvin Hlavac
A long time Microsoft Streets and Trips user, TAJ, brought up an interesting observation about the 2009 version:

> I had Streets and Trips 2007 in the previous version that I owned. I go to
> Hospitals a lot to deliver and when I doubled clicked on a hospital all the
> information would pop up IE: Telephone, Address and name. I just Upgraded to
> 2009 and I am not able to do this now. Has that feature been taken away or
> how do you turn it on?
I just checked about 15 local hospitals, and indeed none of them has address and phone information available. Other points of interest, such as hotels, etc, do have this info.
Can you replace/add the information? I do medical sales and was looking into purchasing the S&T 2009 software to streamline my operation.
Marvin Hlavac
Philip, you certainly can add all the locations you visit to the map in Streets and Trips as "pushpins". Your pushpins can contain addresses, phone numbers, links to internet sites or even links to files and folders on your own computer.

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