USB or Bluetooth GPS receiver for my netbook Asus Eee 1000HE?
I'm a semi-newbie. I had Rand McNally set up on a 15" Sony Laptop a few years back that I used occassionally here in the US. Have a Mio that I now use sometimes.

I have a Nokia Navigator 6110 with built-in GPS that I have used to navigate around Europe. It has worked GREAT, hand-held, for manouvering around Amsterdam and Dublin -- on foot -- but the screen is entirely too small for driving navigation. Also, the Route 66 maps haven't really kept pace with Dublin's one-way street system !!!

I have just ordered a Asus Eee 1000HE with XP, Bluetooth for use as a travel laptop, that I would like to set up with GPS. I would like to keep the expenditure inexpensive, but I also would like it to work with reasonable reliability. I am mostly interested in UK and Ireland mapping, but Western Europe (and US/Canada WOULD be a plus.

What receiver would be recommended?
USB, or Bluetooth?

Thanks for any input ...

Which software?
My favourite is Bluetooth because of its flexibilty in placement. However, you should first decide which software package is best for your area. I would think Garmin Mobile PC Europe with an included BT GPS 10x would do the job but I don't know if this combination is available in Europe.

Otherwise, any good Bluetooth receiver would work great. I have an iTrek, QStarz, Holux and Garmin and they are all fine BT units. Other models available in your area should be just as good.

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