Street names in Garmin Mobile PC
I have been a garmin user for a long time and this situation is frustrating me. In garmin mobile, street and road names do not display on secondary roads unless you are at the 800ft resolution. Is there some way to change this whether it be in the registry or some where else. I can understand in the city you don't want too much clutter but in the country I want to zoom out and see upcoming road names more than a short mile away. There are circumstances that require me to drive in excess of 100 mph and go out of an area I am familiar with so this is important. I know what you are going to say about driving 100 and watching a gps but I have no problems in that area, it's better than holding a map. Thanks
Ken in Regina
The best you can do in Mobile PC is click TOOLS, "Manage My Data", and set "Map Detail" to "MOST".

When I do that, I get secondary road names at 300M zoom and lose them when I flip to 500M. 300M is about 975ft. That's not hugely better, but it's a little better than what you're getting.

Thanks Ken,

Already tried that, guess I will have to try some other software

Appreciate it,

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