Which Garmin GPS software to use on a laptop in Europe?
Hi I am new here and my English is not very good.

I have a BT-55s GPS receiver and i wonder if I can use this with Garmin Mapsource on a laptop. I have City Navigator, or what program is the best to have on a laptop and the voice are Swedish?
Ken in Regina
The Garmin Mapsource program that comes with the City Navigator maps is not a navigation program. It is for map management and trip planning.

If you know how to use Mapsource and like the way it looks, you can download a Garmin program named "nroute". It has the same menus as Mapsource and has navigation.

There are some things to know about "nroute".

1. It is not being updated like Mapsource, so it looks like the older versions of Mapsource. The maps look like Mapsource version 6.13.7 or older. They do not look like the new versions of Mapsource (6.14.3 or newer).

2. The latest versions of Garmin City Navigator maps are starting to use a new way of installing the maps onto your disk and "nroute" does not know how to use those maps. City Navigator Europe 2009NT is one of the first to use the new format that "nroute" cannot use.

3. "nroute" only works with the Garmin protocol from a GPS receiver. You can use your BT-55s with it but you will need another program named Franson's GPSGate. This will read the NMEA data from your GPS receiver and create a virtual COM port that sends Garmin protocol data to "nroute".

If you want to test this out for free, you can download "nroute" for free from Garmin's web site and you can download GPSGate Express for a 14 day free trial.

I don't know if there are Swedish voices for "nroute".

Another Garmin option is Garmin Mobile PC Europe. I think the only languages it has are English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

thanks i going to try this but how i get navigator 2009 to work?

and how i get this work prog franson´s
Ken in Regina
Hi loomis71,

Franson's GPSGate is just a program that you run. It will create an icon in the System Tray (lower right corner of the screen where the Time is displayed). You right-click the icon in the System Tray and click "Settings".

When the Settings screen comes up, you click the "Setup Wizard" button. That will automatically find your GPS. After it finds the GPS it has checkboxes to click if you want it to provide a virtual COM port with the Garmin protocol. Then it will tell you which virtual COM ports it has created and which one has the Garmin protocol on it.

nroute will normally find the virtual COM port automatically and start using it.

If you are comfortable doing very technical things on the PC I will tell you where you can get a program that will convert City Navigator Europe 2009 into the old Mapsource format for nroute to use. If you are not able to do very technical things on the PC without much help, it will not be useful to you.

Hej loomis71,

(Jag använde Google Translate verktyg (http://translate.google.com) översätta. Tala om för mig om det är lätt eller svår att läsa.)

Franson's GPSGate är bara ett program som du kör. Det kommer att skapa en ikon i systemfältet (nedre högra hörnet av skärmen där tiden visas). Du högerklicka på ikonen i aktivitetsfältet och klicka på "Inställningar".

När skärmen Inställningar kommer upp, du klickar på "Setup Wizard"-knappen. Det kommer automatiskt att hitta din GPS. Efter det hittar GPS har kryssrutorna klickar om du vill att det ska ge en virtuell COM-port med Garmin-protokoll. Då kommer det att berätta för er som virtuella COM-portar det har skapat och som en har Garmin protokollet om det.

nroute kommer normalt att hitta den virtuella COM-porten automatiskt och börjar använda det.

Om du är bekväm att göra mycket tekniska saker på datorn Jag kommer att tala om var du kan få ett program som kommer att konvertera City Navigator Europe 2009 i den gamla Mapsource format för nroute att använda. Om du inte kan göra mycket tekniska saker på datorn utan mycket hjälp, det kommer inte att vara användbar för dig.

thanks the translate work good and yes i can fix in the computer
I have solved Franson's program so i have found the reciver in nroute

now it´s just the other i have mapsource 6.15 i think i fix it i going to try it soon in the real

another quest can i ude bluechart with the laptop and navigate to sea?

many thanks for the help
Ken in Regina
You can use Bluecharts with nroute but you must have a Garmin GPS receiver to get an unlock code. Garmin does not give unlock codes for non-Garmin receivers.

That is the same problem for City Navigator Europe. It must have a Garmin GPS receiver to get an unlock code. If you cannot unlock the maps, the method to convert them will not be useful.

I am glad that you have fixed it so nroute can find your receiver. Do you have any maps to see in Mapsource and nroute?


Du kan använda Bluecharts med nroute men du måste ha en Garmin GPS-mottagare att få en låsa upp koden. Garmin ger inte låsa upp koder för icke-Garmin-mottagare.

Det är samma problem för City Navigator Europe. Det måste ha en Garmin GPS-mottagare att få en låsa upp koden. Om du inte kan låsa upp kartor, den metod för att omvandla dem kommer inte att vara användbara.

Jag är glad att du har korrigerat den så nroute hittar din mottagare. Har du några kartor för att se i Mapsource och nroute?

... ken ...
Hi thanks yes i have City Navigator Europes maps and it work good i try it in the car,

and a new quest what mapprogram is the best for the car? and with swedish voice
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