Rural Addressing in Microsoft Streets and Trips
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Hi Everyone,
When I use Streets & Trips 2009 to find my on address it comes up in the wrong place. My address is a rural address. The house number is 251 which means it's 2.51 miles from the beginning of the road. S&T puts the location right near the beginning of the road on what be the "200 block" of the road if there was such a thing. Is there any way to specify that an address is "rural"? Many of the locations I travel to around here are going to be this type of address.

Also, I am using a bluetooth GPS receiver, is there a way to label a position permanently as "home" or "work" or whatever?
is there a way to label a position permanently as "home" or "work" or whatever
You can use additionnal tool S&T Keys and program your home address. In your specific case, you may probably want to locate your house with your gps on the map and then take note of the latitude/longitude (in S&T 2009, it is located at the bottom right of the screen in the status bar) values to program the home location in S&T Keys. Then when you want to go home, you just have to press the <HOME> hotkeys. Is that simple

You can get S&T Keys link in my signature with all instructions on how to use it...

There is a version compatible with S&T 2009
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