No audio level adjustment in Garmin Mobile PC
I'm New here so First let me say hello to everyone. I just installed Mobile PC on my laptop and there is no audio level volume control showing up under the settings audio section. How do you raise the volume level as it is way to low.... Thanks
Ken in Regina
The Settings > Audio section has nothing to do with the volume on your laptop. There is no way to adjust your laptop's volume from inside Mobile PC (or any other GPS program, as far as I know).

You need to run whatever you use for volume control on the laptop. For instance, if there is a speaker icon in the System Tray you can click on it and adjust the volume that way.

(Windows XP) If there is no speaker icon in the System Tray you can go to the Control Panel, double-click "Sounds and Audio Devices" and adjust the volume. At the same time you can select "Place Voluem icon in the taskbar" so you won't always have to go to the Control Panel to adjust your volume.

(Vista) Control Panel Home > Hardware & Sound > Sound > Adjust system volume

I think it used to be there although I don't remember it. Look in the Help section under Audio and volume is listed. iGuidance has a volume control setting but S&T doesn't.

This interests me too as it might be a necessary setting if you were running audio files as well. I was surprised it was not there.

I checked back to v5.00.20 (none of my computers will start GMPC on earlier versions) and there is no volume control. I guess the help files were transferred from the Nuvi and not corrected.

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