Mapfactor PC Navigator 8 in the U.S.?
Where can I purchase PC Navigator in the US?

I searched and found a few in the UK, and of course the CZ, and a number of torrents, however, no way to buy it in the US (I like having the DVD for archival purposes).

Also, if anyone knows whether my TomTom bluetooth GPS receiver works with my new netbook and this software I'd like to know one way or the other. If this receiver isn't going to do the job, what will?

Any help is appreciated.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Bill, and welcome to Laptop GPS World. I've only seen the USA/Canada version sold through www.mapfactor.com (www.mapfactor.cz). PC Navigator doesn't yet have a North American distributor, neither have I seen it sold via the parent company www.directions.ltd.uk.

Most (any?) NMEA standard compliant GPS receiver (bluetooth or USB) should work just fine with Mapfactor PC Navigator, and most other laptop GPS software, too. Can you provide the name and model number of the unit?
Thanks for the response!
my gps receiver model: TomTom Wireless GPS MkII
It's probably 3 years old, so if technology and size (this is about 3 1/2" by 1 1/2") and was rather slow picking up satellites, so if I need a new one, or should get a new one, that would be fine.

Also, looking at the mapfactor.com site, everything is in CZK. Do they actually ship to he US?

I travel about the US and in Europe and a GPS has been invaluable. Are there other products that I should consider that have maps for both (mapfactor seems to have a nice selection).

Thanks again for your help.
Marvin Hlavac
Bill, I see no reason why the receiver shouldn't work. And as far as Mapfactor shipping to the U.S., yes, they do. During the order process you will see a drop-down list of countries they deliver to. It is a bit confusing because first you see only the European countries listed alphabetically, and then after the last European country the rest of the world starts.

I wonder if they are losing sales to the rest of the world because of this. For example I was first going to check if Canada was on the list. I scrolled down to the letter C, and I saw only Croatia listed. If you scroll past the last European country, which is United Kingdom, then the rest of the world begins with Afghanistan.
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