GPS Dongle - Streets & Trips 2009 vs MapPoint 2006
I purchase Mappoint 2006 with the GPS-500 dongle. Well, I had the dongle suction cup on the passenger windows and rolled it down, cracking it. It's just the little device between the clear plastic chip and the cable.

Pharos wants $50 to ship a cable, dongle and CD, when all I need is the dongle.

All I am using Mappoint for is to identify my prospects. I'm not doing any programming or demographic studies.

Then I see S&T 2009. I like the new dongle design, but it looks like the consensus is that the old style GPS-500 is more sensitive. Plus S&T 2009 is $75 bucks...

Question is:

1) Can I import data from Mappoint 2006 into S&T 2009?

2) Is the new dongle design any better than the old?

3) Can you upgrade the maps in Mappoint 2006 and if so at what cost?

Seems that S&T 2009, for $75 bucks, I'd get updated maps, drivers and the dongle I'm after.

Anyone know where I can get just that little black device?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi roadwarrior,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

1. Try to open both programs, and try to copy & paste your pushpin sets from MapPoint to Streets and Trips.

2. Some more info may be found in the review. But you could keep it simple, and order just a receiver, such as BU-353 by Globalsat.

3. New MapPoint 2009 is I think around US $275
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